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Oct. Hangzhou LG Cosmetics Ltd. established a joint venture company in China
Feb. Corporate name changed to LG Chemical, Ltd.
07 Concludes an export contract of household goods, production technologies to Egypt
10 LG's Main detergent powders acquires the JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) for the first time as a dom
07 LDI, LG's cosmetics sales corporation in the U. S., established
02 The cosmetics research center develops a 3D skin image analyzer - Second in the world
05 DeBON cosmetics is exported to the United States and Singapore for the first time
10 Cheongju cosmetics plant completed
11 DeBON cosmetics developed and its sales commences
07 Surfactant plant completed in Onsan
10 Toothpaste plant completed in Cheongju
04 Laundry detergent plant completed in Ulsan
02 Company name changed to 'Lucky Corporation'