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Oct. ¡®MULE,¡¯ created in collaboration with the makeup artist Jung Saem-mool
Sept. Newly listed on DJSI World (Dow Jones Sustainability World Index)
Sept. Ranked in Forbes Asia¡¯s ¡®Fab 50¡¯
Aug. Accumulated sales of the 30 year-old toothpaste brand Perioe surpassed 1.3 billion units
May Initiated sales of ¡®O Hui T-shirt¡¯ as part of the O Hui Beautiful Face Campaign
April Launched ¡®Perioe 46 cm¡¯
March Herbal cosmetics brand ¡®Belif¡¯ entered the U.K. market
Jan. Acquisition of Haitai Beverage Co., Ltd. completed
Dec. CEO Suk Cha, designated as the ¡®2010 Best Korean CEO¡¯ by Asiamoney for the second consecutive year
Dec. The Face Shop¡¯s Neo Classic Homme skincare line awarded ¡®Good Design Award¡¯
Oct. Signed a contract to acquire Haitai Beverage Co. Ltd.
Sept. Launched an upscale brand shop, "Beaute"
Sept. Signed the Triangle Cooperation Program
Sept. Moved into the LG Building in Gwanghwamun
Sept. Newly listed on DJSI Asia-Pacific
Aug. Launched natural herbal cosmetics brand Belif
Aug. Launched Saffron 10X, ultra-convenient and lightweight smart fabric softener
July The History of Whoo Bichup Ja Saeng Essence won the Best Product in Customers¡¯ Value of the KMAC
March Merged with Hankook Beverage Co., Ltd.
Jan. Launched biotechnological cosmetics, OHUI The First and Isa Knox Te¡¯rvina
Dec. CEO Suk Cha, designated as the ¡®2009 Best Korean CEO¡¯ by Asia Money
Nov. Started ¡®LG H&H Music Academy,¡¯ social program for teenagers
Nov. Merged with The Face Shop
Oct. Listed on DJSI Korea and designated as the best company
Oct. Won the Grand Prize of the Korea Management Association Consultants (KMAC)¡¯s Respected Companies
Oct. Merged with Diamond Water Co., Ltd
July Surfactant AG plant completed in Onsan
June Strategic alignment with CHA BIO& for the development of cosmetic
April Strategic alignment with Danone for Yogurts
Dec. Taiwan subsidiary established in Taiwan (LG Household & Health Care (Taiwan), Ltd)
Sept. Cosmetic for teenage, nanasb 37 launched
July Zeolite-free's techinque Wins IR52 Jang Young-sil Award
March Bamboo Salt toothpaste certified as a renowned brand in China
Feb. CEO Suk Cha honored with the BPW Gold Award
Jan. Conversion to the name ¡°Coca-Cola Beverage Company¡± completed
Nov. Environmentally friendly household product ¡°Borrowing Earth¡± launched
Nov. Bamboo Salt toothpaste, Elastine and Tech awarded the 2007 Grand Prize by Korean Consumers
Nov. Earned the 2007 Mecenat Grand Prize Arts & Business Award
Nov. Fermented cosmetic su:m 37 launched
Oct. Earned the 2007 Consumer Grand Prize of the Korean Society of Consumer Studies
Oct. Acquisition of Coca-Cola Bottling Korea Company completed
Sept. By Terry launched
Aug. New French-style make-up line O&L (Ombres & Lumieres) launched
July Opens the industry¡¯s first Oriental medicine research institute
July Korea¡¯s first functional health food for skin care developed, L-SKINCARE approved
June Launched the Smile Together Campaign to support dental treatment for children
April Won the Grand Prize in the large corporate category in the 10th Logistics Award
March Whoo Hwanyugo won the LG R&D Award
Feb. Whoo began to promote haegeum, a traditional Korean musical instrument
Feb. Launched SooRyeHan Hyo, a fermented Oriental medicine-based cosmetic
Jan. OHUI launched ¡°Beautiful Face¡± campaign to sponsor children born with facial disfigurement
Jan. Launched OHUI The First
Nov. Whoo won the Grand Prize in the Korea Brand Award
Oct. Cosmetics Division Launches LAHA
Sept. The Second Beautiful Saturday with LG H&H
Sept. ISA KNOX White X-II Plus Wins IR52 Jang Young-sil Award
Sept. First R&D Seminar Held
Aug. Goods Donated to UNICEF for an Event to Aid Children, Also Sponsored by Andre Kim
Aug. Household Product Sector Launches Premium Stain Remover OPA
July 25th Anniversary of the launch of Perioe Toothpaste
July 2nd Marketing seminar (Shanghai)
July Premium Green Tea ¡°Tea at Origin LU:¡± launched
June Happy Smile Fund supports health check-ups for single mothers
May Tech Drum receives IR52 Jangyoungsil Award
May Oral Care Declaration Ceremony (Perioe campaign)
April LacVert Pact wins silver medal at International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva
April Launch of OHUI for Men and ISA KNOX Whitening C Ion Program
March Opening of 'Whoo Spa Palace'
Feb. Opening of 'Scent Berry Perfume House'
Feb. Launching of 'Brestle', a Fabric Deodorant Safe for Skin
Jan. Launching of 'WHOO Hwanyugo'
Dec. Launching of Joint Venture in Korea with Unicharm Corporation of Japan
Oct. Launching of 'Toddien' and 'Isa Knox Wrinkle Decline Double Effect'
Sept. Launching of 'O HUI Original Energy 100'
Sept. Launching of 'Bamboo Salt Whitening Toothpaste' in China
Sept. Opening the first O HUI department store counter in China
Aug. Launching of 'Perioe Sensitive Toothpaste' and 'Vonin The Style Photogenic'
July Marketing partnership between O HUI and Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association
July The 1st 'Undergrad Marketing Seminar'
June Launching of 'O HUI From Marine'
June Launching of 'ReEn Shampoo' and 'Lucky Star Toothpaste'
June 'Low Temperature Organic Bleaching Agent Tecnology' Achieves New Technology KT Mark of 2nd Quarter
June Grand Opening of 'Beautiplex B Cafe'
May Isa Knox Easy Touch Lipstick' receives WPO's 'World Star Design Award'
May Ulsan Factory receives 'Worker's Day Industrial Award'
May The 3rd Whoo Golf Tournament
April Happy Smile Fund' Contract Composed with Beautiful Fund Organization
April 'O HUI Stone Story' receives IR52 Jangyungsil Award
Jan. President & CEO Suk Cha appointed
Dec. Isa Knox, Winner of 2004 World Star Design
Nov. Elastine Super Model Contest held
Nov. Premium Care Shampoo 'Curair' launched
Oct. 'Green Package Winner 2004' Artman, LacVert
Sept. The History of Whoo acquires KT Mark
Sept. Cosmetics Brand Shop 'beautiplex' open
Aug. Isa Knox MX-II launched
Aug. Perioe Color Camp Established
July 2004 Primary Good Design Products: Ohui, Whoo, Hercyna etc
June Isa Knox 'Three Change Foundation' acquires KT Mark
May Cosmetics Division 20th Anniversery 'Shop Visit Campaign'
May CAP Innovation Course established
May The 2nd History of Whoo Golf Tournement
April Toothpaste Perioe 50th Anniversary 'Children Dental Health Campaign'
March Hercyna Tete-a-Tete launched
Feb. The History of Whoo makeup line Gongjinhyang:Mi launched
Dec. Claren receives the IR 52 Jang, Young Sil Prize
Dec. Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Design Management Prize
Oct. Ohui Skin Care Brand 'Active Bean Plus' launched
Sept. Men's Care 'Isa Knox Homme' launched
Sept. Nano Carbon Ball acquires KT Mark
Aug. Korean herbal cosmetics 'Sooryehan' launched
July The History of Whoo receives the Prime Minister Grand Design Prize
June LacVert 'Two-Way Cake' acquires KT Mark
March Isa Knox 'Line Lift Serum' acquires KT Mark
Feb. Korea's first dry patch type dental whitening 'Claren' launched
Jan. Korean herbal cosmetics 'The History of Whoo' launched
Jan. Laundry Bleach 'Lemoning' launched
Dec. Dry patch type dental whitening agent developed
Sept. Say Soap acquires KT Mark
June Elastine receives Korea's Marketing Award for New Product Division
Sept. Whitening agent acquires KT Mark
April LG Household & Health Care spin off from LG Chemical, Ltd.
March Awarded the Korean Marketing Grand Prize
Feb. ISA KNOX 'Wrinkle Decline' chosen as the first domestic functional cosmetics for effective wrinkle t
Sept. ISA KNOX 'Wrinkle Decline' acquires the Korean New Technology Mark (KT), the first in cosmetics indu
June ISA KNOX 'Wrinkle Decline' receives the IR 52 Jang, Young Sil Prize
March Cosmetics plant completed in Vietnam
Nov. Receives the Korea Material Distribution Grand Prize
July New corporate vision 'SIGMA21' declared
May 'One Scoop' a high-concentrate detergent, receives the IR 52 Jang, Young Sil Prize
March Cosmetics J/V established in Vietnam (LG VINA)
Dec. Garners the President's Commendation from the First Industrial Cooperation
Nov. President Cho, Myung Jae receives the Gold Tower Industrial Medal from National Quality Management C
Nov. President Cho, Myung Jae receives the Prime Minister's Award from Korea Patent Technology Grand Comp
June Japanese distribution corporates form 'LG Association'
Nov. Toothpaste J/V plant completed in Beijing, China
Aug. Moves into the household goods market in Vietnam
Jan. Mr. Cho, Myung Jae assumes post as the president of Household & Health Care CU
Jan. Management system changed based on corporate culture unit