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Ja Saeng Essence
Queen's secret compound to allow skin to regain strength - Bichup
Gongjinhyang:Gun Inyang Balancer
It increases the skin?s vitality by harmonizing its balance
Gongjinhyang:Gun Inyang Lotion
An Oriental medicine-based nourishing emulsion
Gongjinhyang:Gun Giaenjin Essence Cream
A refined essence of Gongjindan and Yonganbullobang re-energizes tired skin and strengthens skin
Gongjinhyang:Soo Water in Essence
This ultra moisturizing serum draws moisture like the dew from the early morning
Gongjinhyang:Soo Water in Cream
Enjoy the steady cooling sensation that spreads through the head
Chunquidan Cosmo Energy Ampoule
Restores perfect balance of skin and dramatically rejuvenates
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