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Partel Aromatherapy Automatic Spray Air Freshener

* Features pleasant naturally derived scents.  
* Includes aromatherapy scents to help you relax.  
* Its aroma infuses even spacious areas at all times.  
* Its built-in optical sensor makes it clearly discernible at night.  
* Its elegant design further enhances indoor spaces.  
* The scent?s intensity can be controlled by timer.  
* Its built-in optical sensor reduces unnecessary nighttime operation.   
* Low-noise; easy to install and operate.  

< Product type by scent >  
* Well-being: Ylang-ylang, cedarwood, rosewood and helichrysum help ease anxiety, tension and depression and encourage relaxation to help you enjoy a positive and pleasant life.  
* Revitalization: Lime, bergamot and sandalwood revitalize you.  
* Cool Breath: Eucalyptus, peppermint and pine herbal oils make a closed space feel like the open forest and help clear the mind.  
* Liveliness: Lavender, basil, grapefruit and bergamot invigorate and enliven your space for energized living all the time.  
* Refreshment: Elecampane, myrtle and mandarin provide a breath of fresh air and cheer.

- Size: 280 ml (can)

280 ml