Press Release

Health Check-up Support for Single Mothers

Date 2006.06.02

“Happy Smile Fund” project to support the health and well being of 200 single mothers this year

Applications received from June 1 through June 30. Check-ups and treatment begin in August.

A total of about 100 million won is raised each year as employees contribute from their payroll and the company matches the amount donated.


In partnership with the Beautiful Foundation, LG H&H supports the health check-ups and treatments given to single mothers of low-income households.


This second-year project is financed by the LG H&H Happy Smile Fund, which was created in 2005 to help improve the health of single mothers living in low-income households.


This year’s Happy Smile Fund check-up program will support 200 single mothers. Applications will be received June 1-30. The names of those selected for the program will be announced on July 28 and check-ups will begin in August.


Applicants will be selected through recommendations by local social welfare organizations or other related institutions as well as a review conducted by the Beautiful Foundation Selection Committee.


Those selected to receive the support will first undergo complete physical examination. Next, if a particular disease or illness is suspected, additional examinations and treatments will be provided as needed. For serious illnesses, surgery as well as emergency living expenses will be offered.


Since April 2005, the employees of LG H&H have contributed to the fund in the form of small deductions taken from their pay and the company matches the amount donated by its employees. The contributions combine to raise a total of about 120 million won each year.


In its first year in 2005, the Single Mother Health Check-up project financed by the Happy Smile Fund provided health check-ups to 163 different women and surgical treatment to five women. This year marks the program’s second year of operation.


One LG H&H official in charge of the Happy Smile Fund said, “We raise the money and provide support to help women, LG H&H’s key customers, achieve their health and happiness.”