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  The cosmetic business is rearing to build world's top class brands with superior quality to realize the dreams of healthy beauty, and with all the effort, LG Household & Health Care is leading the globalization of nation's cosmetic industry.

  With the DeBON brand, the cosmetic business started in 1994, and from then it has grown rapidly showing 40% of growth every year. Now, it has raised itself to be nation's leading cosmetics manufacturer. Especially in 1993, LG Household & Health Care was recognized as the nation's first CGMP qualified business. From then on, LG cosmetic has grown to be an international brand, and has produced superior quality cosmetics.

  In addition, through the establishment and successful operation of Beauty center, CS center, LG Household & Health Care was selected as the number one consumer satisfaction company.

  LG has produced various female cosmetic brands, such as 'LacVert,' 'ISA KNOX,' 'OHUI, Hercyna,' 'Fabianne,' etc, and Wrinkle Decline which has been approved as the nation's first functional cosmetic, as well as fragrances to satisfy the consumers' diverse needs. With the start of an innovative Customer Relationship Management, LG has also developed versatile distribution channels so that customers can obtain LG cosmetics in any stores.

  Foreign marketing is enforced to convey the Korean beauty in the Asian regions such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India as well as western regions, such as USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, etc.