We present “the brightest today”.

Since 1995 when Isa Knox was launched, we have developed skin science in order to resolve aging, the biggest concern for most women, and rejuvenate the source of youth in skin.

In 1999, Isa Knox released Winkle Decline, the first Korean cosmetics line with anti-wrinkle function, followed by other successful lines such as Aging Special and LS-8865. In 2006, Isa Knox sun balm, a sun care product that can be applied repeatedly, hit the market big time. Nearing its 20th anniversary as one of the most well-known megabrand in Korea, Isa Knox, based on its unrivalled ingredients and mechanism, is launching anti-aging items developed through collaboration with best partners who have advanced technology in skin aging.

With this “Halve the skin age project,” we are committed to realizing the dream of women.
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