Environment and Safety Management

Logistics activities to minimize the environmental load

LG H&H actively promotes improvement activities throughout the logistics process, reducing logistics costs, oil consumption, and greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions to minimize the environmental impact of logistics. We conducted activities to minimize the environmental load in 2021 by enhancing the linkage between production and logistics bases across the country and shortening the transportation route. We have significantly reduced the number of transport vehicles by decreasing the transport stage by supplying products directly from the factory to the second customer without going through the logistics center through direct delivery and direct delivery. In addition, we replaced 52 old diesel vehicles and expanded the operation of eco-friendly vehicles by introducing one electric 1-ton truck. We have learned that operating a 1-ton electric truck can reduce fuel costs by KRW 2.8 million per year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2.6 tons. We plan to continuously introduce additional electric trucks that we are piloting to reduce fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Enhancing safety accident prevention activities

LG H&H is also continuously enhancing its safety accident prevention activities for safe logistics center operation to induce all field members to take interest and practice. We conduct a risk place grading system and risk assessment at each logistics center to discover and improve even the smallest parts of risk factors in the logistics site. Especially, for the forklift safety management, a representative risk factor in the site, the work path for forklift and pedestrians has been separated at all business sites, and human recognition detection systems and LED warning lights are installed to prevent forklift accidents. In addition, we expanded and installed AEDs at 52 workplaces, and provide regular training on how to use them along with accident simulation training.

Logistics Efficiency Enhancement for Minimizing
Environmental Load

We are establishing the logistics system that minimizes our environmental
impact regardless of internal and external environmental changes
and increasing uncertainties, by continuously optimizing the operation
of logistics in each field, including process improvement, transport
and unloading.

Integrated operation of logistics bases, Shortened transport routes, Increased efficiency of delivery,total