The modern reinterpretaion of the royal court secret - The History of Whoo

The History of Whoo is a global cosmetic brand, well-loved not only in Korea, but also in China, Japan and the United States. Traditional Korean royal culture is revived with modern science to create the most precious aesthetic beauty. Products of the brand is designed to convey modern cosmetic virtues while embodying regal beauty and royal court mystique with the line of Oriental beauty.
Release Year
Lee Young Ae


비첩 자생에센스


사소한 변화까지 다스리는 힘
잠든 잠재력을 깨워내는 힘

비첩 자생에센스

보이지 않는 노화의 신호까지 다스리는
비첩 자생 에센스

피부 속 깊은 힘을 찾다

비첩 자생 에센스

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