Scent Berry Perfume House

Scent BerryPerfume House

Fragrance (Scent) + Fruit (Berries) = Bearing fruit with fragrance (Scent Berry Perfume)
LG H&H’s fragrance institute called Scent Berry Perfume House has been named after
a combination of scent (fragrance) and berries (fruit) to communicate the message of
‘bearing fruit with fragrance.’
The institute carries out research activities with a focus on emotional elements?story, affinity,
and sense?to improve customers’ sensory experience through differentiated scents and flavors.

Main Areas of Research

Development of various fragrances with sensitivity and new technologies

We engage in joint research activities with trend-leading fragrance houses worldwide to create a wide range of scents, and develop our exclusive fragrance technologies.

We have developed stylish cosmetics fragrances for various brands including luxury skincare brands “O HUI”, “ISA KNOX,” and “BEYOND,” which is a brand that designates trendy scents every year, along with “VDL” and “The Face Shop,” which are brands familiar to Gen-MZ customers.

Disguising unpleasant body odor (from the crown of the scalp, sweat glands, and feet), our patented body odor masking fragrance has been applied to our brands ‘Dr. Groot Shampoo,’ ‘Veilment Body Wash,’ and ‘On The Body Foot Shampoo’ to achieve a more satisfying product experience.

In addition, we have conducted research to develop fragrances that last long on the hair and body, and applied them to ‘Elastine Propoli Thera Veilment (Shampoo)’ and ‘Veilment Natural Spa (Body Wash)’ to provide a powerful scent that lasts from 24 to 48 hours. We have also formulated a fragrance that works well with water-soluble polymers used in fabric softeners, launching the ‘AURA Deep Scent Fabric Softener,’ a product with 98% customer satisfaction for long-lasting scent.

We will further focus our research on new technologies to unveil and deliver ‘blooming scent’ for powerful scent diffusion and fragrance stabilization to avoid scent reversion, leading to a delightful sensory experience for our customers.

Natural fragrances for clean beauty

At LG H&H, we study naturally derived scents to keep up with the clean beauty trend.

Ingredients for natural fragrances are highly more limited compared to those for synthetic fragrances. As such, it is challenging to create a wide range of scents by using only natural ingredients. Moreover, natural fragrances tend to give a relatively weaker scent. Yet, the Scent Berry Perfume House has overcome such challenges thanks to extensive expertise for natural fragrance formulation.

We have applied plant-derived natural oil fragrances to our naturally fermented skincare brand ‘Su:m37˚,’ and use 100% natural oil blended with refreshing orange, geranium, and rosemary for the true herb cosmetics brand ‘belif.’ In addition, we have carefully selected natural fragrances with minimum allergens,* applying them to ‘Physiogel,’ ‘BYE OD-TD,’ and ‘Dr. Belmeur’ to introduce highly reliable and trusted products.

*Fragrance allergens designated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Development of oral care product scents to enhance customer trust and satisfaction

We develop scents that not only secure the safety of our oral care products, but also offer a differentiated sensory experience for greater customer trust and satisfaction.

With doubled cooling ingredients, the ‘PERIOE Total 7 Intense Toothpaste’ gives a refreshing scent that lasts long after toothbrushing.

The ‘Himalaya Pink Salt Toothpaste’ features an elegant yet subtle floral scent, which has garnered high praise from customers. The product provides a special experience to customers who are familiar with a plain mint flavor.

Having developed scents that suit the identity of different oral care brands, such as ‘Bamboo Salt’, ‘Himalaya Pink Salt’, ‘PERIOE’, ‘REACH’, ‘EUTHYMOL’, and ‘Rucipello,’ we will further strive to strengthen our product competitiveness to fortify our leadership in the Korean market and improve brand awareness in global markets.

Development of perfumes at the vanguard of global trends

LG H&H develops premium perfumes beloved by customers globally, including the U.S.

Having introduced various perfume products for AVON, a well-known brand in the U.S., we have also launched perfumes for ‘Jane Packer,’ a brand inspired by the philosophy of florist Jane Packer, ‘LYRD,’ a trend-leading perfume brand, and ‘Ginza Stefany,’ a perfume brand with an Asian brand identity. We have an additional range of products to meet the needs of various customer groups, including ‘The Face Shop Perfume’ to target trend-setting Gen MZ customers as well as perfumes to represent the identity of our cosmetics brands including ‘Whoo,’ ‘O HUI,’ and ‘belif.’

The Scent Berry Perfume House will continue to partner with globally renowned perfumers to fulfil the desire of customers from different generations and worldwide regions with exclusive fragrances that reflect customers’ needs for their own unique scent.

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