Areas of Business - Refreshing



Our Refreshing business segment provides various beverage products through
Coca-Cola Beverage Co. Ltd., a company producing and selling Coca-Cola products loved by people all across the globe for their refreshing taste , and through HAITAI htb Co. Ltd. whose signature beverage products include Sunkist Family Juice and Sunny-10. Also, LG H&H aims to enter the fast-growing functional beverage market and functional dairy products market, which will help us get even closer to consumers.

LG H&H offers

a wide range of best quality products satisfying consumer needs and preferences for both health and taste, including sparking water, juice, lifestyle beverages, sports beverages, tea & coffee, and bottled water.

LG H&H expanded product lines by acquiring Coca-Cola Beverage Co. in 2008, Diamond Pure Water in 2009, and HAITAI htb Co. in 2011.

With our constant efforts to challenge and embrace the changing needs of the market, we are growing every year and maintain a high rate of operating profit.

In addition to the current beverage market, we aim to penetrate into the functional beverages and functional dairy products market and continue to provide high value-added products with fortified and enriched nutrients to customers.

  • Fanta
  • Sunkist
  • ViO Diamond
  • Georgia
  • Miniute Maid