Sustainable Products

Definition of Sustainable Products

Products that contribute to the sustainable profit-making of a company
through the enhancement of consumer health and safety

The fulfillment of environmental and social responsibilites

사회환경가치 제품의 정의
  • Consumer
    Contribute to their health
    and safety
  • Social
    Contribute to fair trade
    and local communities
  • Environmental
    Preserve mother nature and
    use less resources

Standards for Social and Environmental Value Products

There is a growing awareness in society that is driving the pursuit of eco-friendliness, health, social values, and happiness, and the demand of consumers for products with social and environmental values is also on the rise. LG H&H has been considering the environment in its product development since 1998. We have come up with our own standards for Social and Environmental Value Products in 2016 based on safety, environmental impact, and social values to keep up with rapidly-changing external conditions and meet consumer demand. We reflected the different opinions of employees and external experts in the process of developing our standards, and will continue to listen to their opinions to improve the criteria for our products and processes.

Develop social and environmental value products continuously

LG H&H strives to create and deliver more social and environmental value products that reflect precious values of customers, society, and the environment, such as customer safety and health, social benefits, reduction of environmental impact, etc. In 2021, LG H&H newly developed and launched social and environmental value products : two cosmetics, six household items, and five beverages. The sales of our social and environmental value products in 2021 reached KRW 1.4994 trillion, accounting for 18.5% of its total sales.

Customer safety and health Relialility enhancement Dr.Groot. Relialility enhancement  Physiogel DMT. Relialility enhancement Beyond Phyto Aqua Cream. Relialility enhancement Low-sugar Toreta. Nutrition enhancement Babience Kindermilch. Social benefit Community cooperation Pyeongchang-soo. Community cooperation Yehwadam revitalizing serum. Community cooperation Minute Maid Jeju Tangerine. Community cooperation Fresh jeju Aloe Soothing Gel. Community cooperation Driinking spring water Vio. Environmental impact reduction Water conservation Jayeonpong. Waste reduction Tech Fiji Viru-x. Waste reduction. Beyond Deep Moisture Creamy Body Wash Refill. Energy reduction Coca Cola. Label-Free Seagram.

Design Annual Report Pursuing Social Environmental Value

LG H&H's design management strategy is to spread social values that minimize environmental impact beyond business goals by harmoniously connecting fast-changing technology and humans through universal design, eco-friendly design, and public service design. In addition, we are realizing a design strategy that solves climate change and environmental problems that we all face and responds to changes in customer values. We will solve environmental and social problems through the most creative and sustainable ESG design management, embracing changes in society, economy, and environment, and converge and develop various stakeholders.
※Images of unreleased products are excluded from the Design Annual Report.