Materials R&D

Materials Research & Development

Materials research is a process to develop materials aimed at enhancing product ingredients or
formulas for greater efficacy.

LG H&H’s R&D Center is dedicated to the study of various materials for the development of
high-performance and high-quality products.

Main Areas of Research

Ion-paired amino acids to promote skin turnover

A healthy skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, and subsequently replaces them with younger cells through a turnover process approximately every four weeks. A delay in skin turnover causes a dull skin complexion, rough skin texture, or clogged pores. This is why it is necessary to artificially remove accumulated dead skin cells. Yet, existing physical/chemical exfoliating methods are prone to remove dead skin cells along with normal skin cells, resulting in skin irritation.

For non-irritating exfoliation, LG H&H has developed the LG skin turnover technology. In providing deeper skin penetration compared to our existing amino acids, ion-paired amino acids create a pH level in which skin irritation is unlikely to occur, loosening the structure of dead skin cells to effortlessly shed them from skin. Furthermore, Keratin moisturizing ingredients penetrate the skin to better moisturize the remaining skin cells.

The new technology has been applied to various products, including O HUI Prime Advancer, winning a positive reception from our customers. Moreover, the high praise it is garnering internally and externally has culminated in winning the Jang Young-shil Award and LG Awards, an R&D award granted by the LG Group.

Formulation of Korean traditional herbal ingredients with modern science

At LG H&H, we integrate modern science with Korean traditional herbal ingredients, whose efficacy and safety have been substantiated for a long time. We use extensive data from ancient herbal medicine books as well as AI-driven formula technology, which helps to forecast the effects that herbal ingredients have on the human body.

As an example, we have conducted an AI analysis of formulas indicated on ancient herbal medicine books to predict the core mechanism and skin benefits of different active ingredients, applying additional active ingredients and using an AI-driven formula technology to develop the Jaha Bichup Complex™. In fact, based on the results, a formula blended with the Jaha Bichup Complex™ helps to reinforce the skin barrier and nourish the skin with the benefit of strengthened natural energy. In addition, capitalizing on the knowledge obtained from ancient books and our latest active ingredient database, we have discovered that a Younseollan-enriched formula treats aged skin and that a Cordyceps militaris-loaded formula activates the skin, with these two ingredients being applied in a number of our products.

We have extensively applied our Korean herbal technology to our brands and products?including The History of Whoo, a brand that reinterprets royal court recipes in a modern way, and our health functional food offerings. Based on our extensive expertise in Korean traditional herbal ingredients, we will demonstrate our leadership in the K-beauty trend globally.

Bioconjugation technology to fix active ingredients to hair

While everyone wants healthy and full hair, the hair is often weakened by external stimuli, such as UV rays, perm, and hair dyeing. Delivering active ingredients to the hair is a technologically daunting task, making it challenging to repair damage hair.

Yet, LG H&H has developed a bioconjugation technology that allows the delivery of various active ingredients to hair protein. This technology semi-permanently fixes active ingredients onto hair protein to prevent them from getting washed away during shampooing, create silken or revitalized hair , and helps to alleviate split ends.

LG H&H’s exclusive bioconjugation technology has garnered high praise for its prowess, culminating in winning the Jang Young-shil Award and the Ji Seok-yeong award. The technology has been applied to our products including the REEN Hair Color Shampoo for gray hair coverage, serving as a platform technology for various hair care products. We will continue to enhance our extensive technological knowhow to further improve the quality of our hair care products.

Development of exclusive spherical polymer materials for a more hydrating and smooth texture upon application

Adjusting the viscosity of cosmetic and household formulas, polymer materials are key ingredients that determine a product’s shape and texture?. They are applied to a wide range of skincare products including cream, emulsion, and essence, as well as daily beauty products, such as shampoos and body lotions to stabilize the formula. Yet, customers who use multiple cosmetic products may feel some stickiness or heaviness upon application.

LG H&H has designed the structure of polymer materials in various ways. The newly developed spherical polymer material has been applied to the product to provide a smooth rolling effect like a ball when applied to the skin. Furthermore, it feels less sticky yet more hydrating compared to those with networked/linear polymers.

We are conducting multifaceted research on polymer materials to enhance the emotional quality of various product categories in addition to basic skincare products. These include conditioning polymers for damaged hair, protective film polymers for prolonged UV protection, and polymers that improve makeup longevity but are easily removed with water. Through specialized material development, we are making every effort to provide a differentiated customer experience by realizing unique and excellent texture.

Development of non-irritating surfactants for the planet

‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘safe’ have become important trends in the global beauty industry. While providing cosmetics and household goods formulated with carefully selected, eco-friendly ingredients, LG H&H pays keen attention to the development of eco-friendly surfactants, a substance that is widely used and significantly impacts product quality.

Notably, surfactants (alkyl glucoside and amino acid surfactant) derived from natural sources, such as palm trees, corn, and coconuts are more biodegradable compared to petroleum-based surfactants, and thus have less environmental impact. Moreover, they boast strong cleansing power, and are often used for cleansing products for infants as they are non-irritants. Creating fine lather that feels soft and hydrating on the skin, natural derived surfactants are used in many premium daily beauty products.

Our eco-friendly surfactants have obtained ECOCERT Certification and Halal Certification, and completed procedures for GRAS* and EU REACH** registrations. We are extending their applications to include kitchen/household detergents and laundry detergents. With a mantra of ours that innovative materials bring not only more customer satisfaction but also a higher quality of life, we will further develop products for a better future.

*GRAS (Generally recognized as safe): Chemical substances designated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as generally safe

**EU REACH: Chemical substance management system in the E.U.