Package R&D

Package Research & Development

Package R&D center drives the development of anthropocentric and practical packaging, sourcing of new materials, and eco-friendly packaging for our customers to use.

Main Areas of Research

Development of unique packaging for enhanced brand-value

Packaging is a key factor of a product that effectively expresses product information and images to customers. Packaging R&D center conducts research to increase brand value by differentiating the appearance of products and developing easy-to-use packaging technology.

Beautiful display and emotional packaging
Packaging R&D center focuses on differentiating display of products, of which customers can visually recognize the brand value. We developed Arc-Deposition technique which can implement aurora-like surface to products by precisely controlling the thickness of the coating layer. This technique has been playing an important role in promoting the brand value of ‘후’. Also, the center devotes to implement heavy appearance and special touch of products through packaging to fulfill the emotional needs. New technology of coating solution has recently been developed by the center that has been applied on various cosmetics to show SF-coating with a soft touch.
Product-customized packaging
Packaging that allows customers to use the products of LG H&H in the most effective way has been applied consistently, such as dual-chamber containers for essences to amplify moisturization, trigger-sprayers with a wide-discharge angle for detergents.

Development of eco-friendly packaing for sustainability

Packaging R&D center is working on projects to reduce greenhouse gases(GHGs) emission and waste to pace with LG H&H’s ESG management. We support the ‘sustainable LG H&H’ by attributing to recycling resources, reducing the use of petroleum plastic, and activating the refill system.

Recycled packaging to enhance resource circulation
Packaging R&D center is continuously researching for measures to stimulate the recyclability of packages. Post-consumer recycled (PCR) refill pouches have been applied on ‘자연퐁, FiJi, and 꽃담초’, and PCR containers have been applied for cosmetics, to be the first PCR packaging products in Korea. Various running products are being reborn with recyclable packagings, such as separable metal-free dispensers.
Reduction of petroleum-plastics / Activation of refill-system
Packaging R&D center is working to develop eco-friendly packaging materials such as eco-plastic, paper, and biomass materials so that the use of petroleum plastics can be reduced. The launching of an eco-friendly brand, ‘빌려쓰는지구’, and replacement of plastic tray to paper tray are playing great roles in reducing petroleum plastic usage. Plus, new types of easy-to-use refill packaging are on their way being released.

Development of packing for customer relief

Packaging R&D center conducts inspections about toxic substances in packaging, stability during shipment, and quality of usage, to produce packaging that customers can use without any quality issues.

The detection of toxins is conducted on the raw-materials, and the whole process of production is under control and examination. Deposition processes without hydrofluoric acid and organic solvent residue have been developed, and those processes are being managed under strict standards. Even after launching the products, the ‘Voice of Customers’ is continuously reviewed to improve the products, to the smallest details.

Packaging solution for global competitiveness

To enhance global competitiveness and expand export, we are striving to manage overseas export quality and localize packaging. Since legal standards and consumer's product usage patterns are different from that of domestic environment, careful management is required.

Packaging R&D center provides various packaging solutions that can fit into local regulation, QA standards, and local needs.