Social Contribution

Social Contribution

LG H&H social contribution activities are aligned with our business philosophy of making customers' lives more healthy, beautiful and refreshing. Women, our main customers, and youths are the focus of our contribution activities.

Our social contribution activities are not a one-time donation, but are designed to enhance the overall impact of our programs through selection and concentration of target groups, efficacy study-based support and partnerships with expert institutions. To this end, we divide our activities into the four areas of health, education, welfare and local communities.

  • Vision

    Beautiful Dreaming

  • Target Group

    Women, Children, Teenagers

  • Slogan

    Assist women, children and teenagers in realizing their beautiful dream while contributing to a sustainable society

  • Implementation Areas

    Supporting women’s independence and happiness
    - Natural Beauty Creators
    - Giving Women with Disabilities Wings
    - Red Cross Supporting Women Survivors of Violence
    Spreading and enjoying culture and arts
    - Seoul International Environmental Film Festival
    - Whoo Court Culture Campaign
    - Korea Arts Council(Vincero)
    - Yeonam Cultural Foundation
    Fostering future generations to respond to climate change
    - Borrowed Earth School
    - Borrowed Earth School [Metaverse]
    - Teachers’ Corps
    - Global Eco-Leaders
    - UN Youth Environment Assembly
    Community Sharing and Cooperation
    - Donation of Beautiful Shops
    - support for veterans and their families
    - support for single mother organizations, and sponsorship of milk powder
    Expanding healthy and safe quality of life
    - Twinkle Twinkle Perio Musical
    - Consumer Federation of Persons with Disabilities
    - Korean Red Cross ‘Let’s Laugh, School
    - COVID-19 Prevention Masks - (Hand Sanitizer Distribution)

Fostering future generations
to respond to climate change Global Eco Leader YOUTH

2022 Global Eco Leader Launching Ceremony of the 2nd Global Eco Leader Youth Program

Since 2022, LG H&H has been running the Global Eco Leader YOUTH program with environmental NGO EcoMom Korea to find carbon-neutral solutions from the perspective of young people living in the era of the climate crisis. In 2023, 100 young adults aged 20 and over and interested in the environment, centered on campuses and local communities, were selected for the second term and will work autonomously from April to October in teams of four to seven people. In particular, this second period is more meaningful in that young activists from overseas, such as the United States and the Netherlands, will be able to participate together to understand the status of climate change, a common global issue, and how to respond to it. Through lectures by experts in the environmental field and ESG mentoring, the selected youths gained an objective and broad view of environmental issues in our society and implemented various campaigns to address the climate crisis and promote carbon neutrality.

Opening of Borrowed Earth School Metaverse

Opening of Borrowed Earth School Metaverse Borrowed EarthSchool Metaverse

We designed the metaverse platform ‘Borrowed Earth World: Operation to Escape the Climate Crisis’ in 2022 to educate youth about the right ecofriendly worldview needed for climate change and to practice it, and it was produced by Uplus Interactive, FTL, a company specializing in future education, and EcoMom Korea, an environmental NGO. When users access the ‘Ditoland’ homepage, a virtual Earth 50 years in the future with severe environmental pollution unfolds vividly in front of them. It is designed for learners to freely choose seven major cities in the world(Seoul, New York, Paris, Sydney, Shanghai, New Delhi, and Antarctica) to participate in education and games and to solve environmental problems by performing missions.

In the process, young people learn the right lifestyle habits to protect the environment in their daily lives, such as washing hands, disposing of trash separately, washing their face, brushing their teeth, washing their hair, washing dishes, and doing laundry. In 2023, the “ Borrowed Earthworld” project will continue, with a total of 16 schools participating. The program will leverage the metaverse to overcome the limitations of geography and distance and use a gaming approach to increase classroom engagement and immersion, paving the way for youth, our future customers, to become interested in and actively address environmental issues.

Giving Women with
Disabilities Customized
Assistive Devices ‘Wings’

Giving Women with Disabilities Customized Assistive Devices ‘Wings’ Customized Assistive Device Support Project for Women with Disabilities
- Giving Women with Disabilities Wings

In 2022, LG H&H selected 27 women with disabilities, aged 19 to 65, who are socially active or raising children in the Seoul and Gyeonggi regions and provided them with customized assistive devices worth KRW 5 million, along with training on how to use them. We provided 61 assistive devices in six areas(mobility, vehicle, computer, child care and household, information access, and self-care), including a manual wheelchair for mobility, a hand controller for vehicles, a screen enlarger for learning, a braille information terminal, a bowel movement reminder for child care, and a height-adjustable child care bed.

By 2022, 82 women with disabilities have benefited and are experiencing positive changes in their lives in society and at home after using assistive technology. The “Business Satisfaction in 2022” outcome was measured based on the Psychosocial Impact of Assistive Technology Devices Scale(PIADS) assessment results. The PIADS results showed that the productivity item scored the highest in terms of participation in social life, and the ability to realize self-desires increased by 2.2 points in terms of self-esteem. In addition, in terms of life independence, the impact on independence and self-reliance increased.

Twinkle Twinkle Perioe

LG H&H has been operating 'Perioe Kids School,' oral health education for children, since 2004. We have continued to perform by developing the contents into a health musical 'Twinkle Twinkle Perioe‘ since 2017. Twinkle Twinkle Perioe is the industry's first children's health musical for children aged 3 to 8 that combines essential lifestyle habits such as oral health and hygiene with cultural and artistic contents in the form of a musical. In this musical, children experience festivals from around the world together with the main character, 'Bom,' and sing 'Perioe Tooth Brushing Song' and 'Perioe Hand Wash Song'. The musical delivers information on the importance of proper tooth brushing, hand washing, and cough etiquette at the child's eye level. In 2022, 3,049 children watched the performance, and a cumulative 234,000 children watched the performance since 2004.

Twinkle Twinkle Perioe Musical Twinkle Twinkle Perio Musical

‘Whoo’s Mecenat Initiative to Expand Our Influence on Local Communities

Our ‘Whoo Mecenat’ Initiative has been undertaken since 2006 to re-recognize the value of underappreciated Korean classical music and instruments.

Specifically, we fully sponsor seven Korean classical chamber orchestras to foster and support Korean traditional musicians and to help local communities increase their influence on Korean traditional music. Whoo’s ‘Admiration for Haegeum’ concerts were held in Seoul and Busan to ignite the interest of local residents aged between 30’s and 50’s in Korean classical music and to promote our traditional culture.

Cultural Heritage Keeper Project by The History of Whoo

LG H&H contributes to conserving traditional Korean culture and exploring its value by sponsoring the Cultural Heritage Keeper Project by The History of Whoo. We provided financial support for the maintenance
of Tongmyeongjeon in Changgyeonggung Palace and various events.
By conducting the Royal Culture Campaign designed to share the value of royal women culture, we also supported the culture sharing program,
including the media art exhibition the Court Women Culture Exhibition, the photo exhibition
“Four Seasons of Queen” and the special concert of Haegeum-a traditional musical instrument. Furthermore, under the agreement with the Cultural Heritage Administration for the Cultural Heritage Keeper Project, we have sponsored people or organizations holding intangible cultural heritage with our cosmetic products to appreciate their efforts to inherit traditional culture and cultural heritage.

Nurturing Natural Beauty
Live Creators

Natural Beauty Live Creators Natural Beauty Live Creators

LG H&H has been running the Beauty Creator Fostering Program with the Korea Environment Foundation since 2018. The program targets vulnerable employment groups, such as women with work experience and job seekers who aspire to become live commerce professionals. In 2023, 35 participants (29 women and 6 men) were selected through documentation and interview screening, and the fifth course has been underway since January.

The training process of the Creator Development Program is divided into ‘Nurturing Training’ and ‘Practical Training.’ The program consists of systematic guidance from beauty, environment, and video shooting and editing experts, individual close mentoring with direct lessons from show hosts, and support for competencies required for short-form content planning and production. In 2023, we focused on the live commerce channel, a “mainstream distribution platform” that communicates with the public beyond a simple purchase distribution network. We further upgraded our live commerce training program, a beauty influencer training course.

We have further upgraded the curriculum by providing 1:1 coaching, small group training, and live practice opportunities in the 5th training course, where participants are individually mentored by industry-leading show hosts to learn live production know-how and communication skills needed for broadcasting.

Sponsorship for
Seoul Eco Film Festival

LG Household&Healthcare is deeply interested in environmental issues and carries out various social contribution activities related to the environment of the Earth that we have to protect.
The brand officially sponsor the Seoul Eco Film Festival, the largest event of its kind in Asia, to draw public attention to the significance of nature and the severity of environmental pollution.

Seoul Eco Film Festival