Areas of Business - Beautiful

Bicheop JaSaeng Essence, WHOO


The goal of our Beautiful business segment is
to foster the world’s best brands with superior product quality that help customers achieve their dreams of health and beauty. To attain this goal, we are actively expanding our business into the wider global market, not settling for our current position as a leader in Korean domestic market.

Started in 1947 with
the release of “Lucky Cream,”

the cosmetics business relaunched with the DeBON brand, growing rapidly at a yearly rate of 40 percent. Now LG H&H has emerged as one of the best cosmetic companies in Korea.

In 1993, LG H&H became the first company in Korea to receive the CGMP (guidelines and rules governing the manufacturing product quality of cosmetics) certification. With cosmetics products whose quality vies with renowned international cosmetics, LG H&H has grown into an international brand. Furthermore, in acknowledgment of our efforts to serve our customers by operating WHOO Spa Palace and Customer Service Center, LG H&H was recognized as a cosmetics company with the highest customer satisfaction. LG H&H is leading Korea’s cosmetics industry into a new era of customer satisfaction management.

Our cosmetics business has redefined the brand identity and concept, and strengthened the product portfolio of the following prestigious cosmetic brands: OHUI (stem cell technology), WHOO (traditional Korean herbal medicine), Su:m (natural fermentation technology), and belif (medicinal herb). We acquired and successfully established THEFACESHOP, a leading single-brand cosmetics manufacturer and retailer.

In an effort to become the driving force in the global market, we aim to expand our cosmetics business to new overseas markets while continuing our efforts to stabilize and revitalize our existing overseas operations.

  • Cell Power No. 1 Essence, O HUI
  • Secret Programming Essence, Su:m 37°
  • Moisturizing Balm, belif
  • Phyto Aqua Cream, Beyond