Board of Directors

Board of Directors of LG H&H Co., Ltd. consists of seven members: two inside directors, one other non-executive director, and four independent directors.

Other Non-executive Director

  • Beom Jong HaChairperson

    - B.A. in Business Administration, Korea University
    - President and CFO, LG Corp.

Inside Director

  • Jung Ae LeeCEO

    - B.A. in Economics, Ehwa University
    - CEO, LG H&H Co., Ltd.
  • Myoung Seok Lee

    - Bachelor of Business Administration Sogang University
    - CFO and CRO, LG H&H Co., Ltd.

Independent Director

  • Tae Hee Lee

    - Ph.D. in Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    - Head of Business Affairs, Kookmin University
  • Sang Hoon Kim

    - Ph.D. in Business, Stanford University
    - Dean of School of Business and College of Business, Seoul National University
  • Woo Young Rhee

    - JSD, Stanford Law School
    - Professor, School of Law, Seoul National University
  • Jae Hwan Kim

    - Ph.D. in Business, Ohio State University
    - Professor, College of Business, Korea University