High-functional cosmetics containing the wisdom of natural fermentation to keep the skin live and breathing

Accepting the vitality of life as it is - the starting point of the deep thinking of Sum 37º  Respect for life means respect for human beings, and life should be taken care of with life.

Learned the aesthetics of wating and won the true vitality .
Sometimes we make things wrong by keeping more human works. We should learn how to wait. We should just watch nature doing its own work.
Release Year
Lee Jongseok, Kurinaza
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SUM37 Summa


좋아 보이는 게 아니라
정말 좋아진 거예요

숨은 시간의 밀도를 피부 깊숙이 채워
피부를 근본적으로 바꿔 주니까

숨 숨마

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