Sustainability Management Strategy

Vision Structure

We at LG H&H defined four strategic directions to advance sustainability management in six areas under the vision of becoming ‘the best sustainable FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company’. To fully integrate diverse requirements of stakeholders, our performance management is based on segmented and detailed sustainability management performance indicators. The outcomes are then communicated to major stakeholders through our CSR Reports and corporate website (

  • Vision

    Best Sustainable FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Company

  • Slogan

    Healthy Beautiful Refreshing for People and the Planet

  • Strategic Directions

    Establish the sustainable management system
    Spread Social and Environmental Value Products
    Strengthen social responsibility
    Expand communication with stakeholders
  • Implementation Areas

    Customer Satisfaction
    Win-Win growth
    Jeong-Do Management
    Employee Value
    Environment and Safety Management
    Social Contribution

Mid-term Roadmap

지속가능경영 로드맵
Category Challenges Goals(KPIs) SDGs
Product ·Develop Products with Social Value
Develop products by reflecting social needs
and release products with the aim to create
shared values for local communities
·Select medium- and long-term challenges and
conduct research to reduce the company’s impact
on the environment and enhance the safety and
health of customers (by 2025)
·Develop leading technologies and products through open
innovation, including cooperation with other
organizations and local communities (by 2025)
·Improve Product Safety
Make reliable products for the health and safety
of customers
·Bolster the safe quality system by optimizing the test items
and standards for each process
·Diversifying the Product Portfolio
Bolster the business structure through expansion
of overseas business and digital transformation
·Continuous Expansion of Overseas Business
Society ·Strengthening Social Contribution Activities
Conduct social contribution activities by
supporting women to work
·Expand the beneficiaries of LG H&H’s support-programs aimed
at job creation for women (by 2025)
·Constantly increase values through
the post-management of program participants
·Establish a Sustainable Supply Chain
Manage labor practices, safety and health,
environment, and product risks of suppliers
·Achieve a higher grade of the Safe Quality Certification with
528 suppliers (accumulated, by 2023)
·Provide suppliers with technical support (1,376 cases,
accumulated, by 2023)
·Provide suppliers with financial support (KRW 233.2 billion,
accumulated, by 2023)
·Minimize risks by enhancing suppliers’ capabilities for CSR
·Provide consultation service to bolster overseas suppliers
and explore potential suppliers
·Providing a Good Work Environment
Enhance employees’ values by protecting human
rights and establishing an employee-based corpo-
rate culture
·Achieve 84 points in employee engagement
assessment (by 2025)
·Establish a global training framework (by 2025)
·Build global leadership (by 2025)
Environment ·Facilitate the Circulation of Resources
Facilitate recirculation of resources
by reducing the environmental impact of
product packaging materials
·Consider and apply green packaging from the product
development stage (by 2025)
·Gradually increase the number of green products with
the use of eco-labeling (by 2025)
·Leading the Response to Climate Change
Reduce GHG emissions and increase
energy efficiency in response to climate change
·Achieve 0.069 tCO2e/product-ton of GHG emissions
intensity (by 2025)
·Expand the use of renewable energy
(by introducing the solar power generation system,
solar power streetlamps and hybrid vehicles)
·Improve energy efficiency with constant investment, including
the improvement of facilities in business sites and replacement
of deteriorated equipment
·Promote energy saving campaigns with employees

Implementaiton and Management System