Sustainability Management Strategy

Vision Structure

We at LG H&H defined four strategic directions to advance sustainability management in six areas under the vision of becoming ‘the best sustainable FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company’. To fully integrate diverse requirements of stakeholders, our performance management is based on segmented and detailed sustainability management performance indicators. The outcomes are then communicated to major stakeholders through our CSR Reports and corporate website (

  • Vision

    Best Sustainable FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Company

  • Slogan

    Healthy Beautiful Refreshing for People and the Planet

  • Strategic Directions

    Establish the sustainable management system
    Spread Social and Environmental Value Products
    Strengthen social responsibility
    Expand communication with stakeholders
  • Implementation Areas

    Customer Satisfaction
    Win-Win growth
    Jeong-Do Management
    Employee Value
    Environment and Safety Management
    Social Contribution

Mid-term Roadmap

Mid-term Roadmap
Category of
Core Management 2018 Performance 2019 Plan 2020 Plan
Bolstering of the Jeong-Do
Management infrastructure
· Checked risks at overseas subsidiaries (in Taiwan and Singapore, CSI, EL) · Reestablish the system and rules for Jeong-Do Management
· Develop and operate the alarm system
· Systematize and bolster the Jeong-Do Management tasks
Environment and
Safety Management
Response to climate change · GHG emissions intensity: 0.081 tCO2e/product-ton · GHG emissions intensity: 0.060 tCO2e/product-ton · GHG emissions intensity: 0.055 tCO2e/product-ton
Water management · Water intensity:
2.13 tons/product-ton
· Water intensity:
1.74 tons/product-ton
· Water intensity:
1.59 tons/product-ton
Waste management · Waste intensity:
12.578 kg/product-ton
· Waste intensity:
11.79 kg/product-ton
· Waste intensity:
11.20 kg/product-ton
Zero-accident management · Maintained a 100% normal use rate of safety covers (9,124 cases) · Stabilize the operation of
the safety cover monitoring system
· Bolster the operation of the safety cover monitoring system
· Improvement rate of near miss: 120% (7,395 cases found) · Improvement rate of near miss: 100% (6,455 cases to be found) · Stabilize the culture of observing the safety code of conduct
· Maintain the improvement rate of near miss at 100%
· Underwent environmental safety diagnosis done by an external agency (completed at 65% (33/51) of all business sites; 18 types of diagnosis conducted in 2018) · Undergo the environmental safety diagnosis done by an external agency [achieving 100% implementation rate at all business sites (51/51); 18 types of diagnosis planned to be conducted in 2019] · Bolster the human resource development system for the environmental safety diagnosis (10 employees in 5 fields)
· Conduct an internal environmental safety diagnosis
Health care · Carried out a cerebrovascular/cardiovascular disease check-up (for 4,834 people) and preventive education (5,065 people)
· Installed new and additional automated blood pressure kits and CPR training equipment (93 kits)
· Simultaneously conducted Red Circle Campaign at major business sites (7 cases)
· Continue to operate the cerebrovascular/cardiovascular disease check-up package
· Facilitate the CPR education program to strengthen the emergency response capacity
· Stabilize a cerebrovascular /cardiovascular disease check-up package
· Set and operated the psychological counselling center within the company (Magok LG Science Park)· Expand external psychological counseling program (for those dealing with emotionally demanding tasks) · Continue to operate the psychological counseling program
Win-Win Growth Amount of financial support · Provided KRW 35.53 billion of financial support · KRW 37.3 billion in financial support (a 5% increased from 2018) · KRW 40 billion in financial support
No. of technical support cases · Provided 186 cases of technical support · Provide 195 cases of technical support (a 5% increase over 2018) · Provide 210 cases of technical support
Safe quality of suppliers · Settled the Safe Quality Certification System for Suppliers (by building the assessment system and capacity to evaluate 95 suppliers and promote improvement activities regarding inadequate aspects) · Bolster the Safe Quality Certification System for Suppliers (by settling the work and test standards) · Materialize the performance of the Safe Quality Certification System for Suppliers (issuing FirstClass safe quality certificate
Customer Satisfaction VOC collection and management · Reduced the customer complaint rate by 23.9% (compared to 2017) · Reduce the customer complaint rate by 7.7% (compared to 2018) · Reduce the customer complaint rate by 5% (over the previous year) and conduct the integrated management of VOCs with internal sales employees (VOCs from internal and external customers)
VOC reoccurrence prevention · Conducted the zero-prolonged-complaint project (resolving 21 themes of complaints) · Promote the zero-complaint project regarding production-related factors (at all business sites)
· Address 18 themes regarding prolonged customer complaints and distinctive quality
· Build a system for securing safe quality across all processes including design, distribution and sales (preemptive management in the product planning and design stages)
Preliminary management for quality improvement · Set the Safe Quality Certification System and conducted the diagnosis at 13 business sites · Stabilize the Safe Quality Certification System (at 14 domestic business sites) and spread the system to 3 overseas business sites · Select and support new challenges for quality innovation
· Graded based on the quality certification diagnosis result and checked the improvement progress · Diagnose the quality of logistics, sales and distribution (expanding from the production-qualitybased system to the comprehensive system including distribution and sales) · Globalize the safe quality management system (by establishing the distinctive safe quality certification package, operating the organization with global consulting capacity, and running the expert development system for solutions in each work field to secure safe quality)
Employee Value Development of global human resources · Run the recruitment program for international students living in Korea · Standardize the global human resource development process and strengthen relevant activities · Expand the global human resource pool that can be utilized in overseas business in China, Japan and the U.S.)
Capacity building of employees · Conducted Japanese capacity building program (GEC, GECC) and regional expert program
· Carried out the team leader empathy talk program and the innovation workshop for directors
· Conducted the digital marketing expert course and the Reading Odyssey activity
· Expand operation of the global human resource development program
· Conduct motivating leadership course and the innovation workshop for directors
· Provide AI and big data programs and special insight lectures
· Continue to upgrade the level of the global human resource development program
· Continue to strengthen leadership-building activities
· Continue to strengthen work-capacity-building activities
Spreading of corporate culture and core values · Run the employees' committee, promoted online communication, and provided the Top Dignity Education program for all employees · Establish an employee-participation-based corporate culture and spread core values to domestic and overseas business sites · Institute Global One LG H&H values
Social Contribution Borrowed Earth School · Provided education programs for an accumulated total of 37,092 students at 206 schools · Expand the accumulated number of beneficiaries · Increase the number of venues for experience programs connected with local governments and the accumulated number of beneficiaries
THEFACESHOP Beauty Creator · Selected 35 women as Beauty Creators · Increase opportunities for women to start career by expanding the operation of creator programs · Increase the number of beneficiaries of the women career support program, including the creation of jobs for women
Shiny Perioe · Launched the Perioe Children Musical and provided education programs for 1,930 people at 15 organizations (existing oral care education program provided for 11,040 people) · Increase the number of beneficiaries including children from low-income households · Expand the oral care musical in connection with local governments across the country

Implementaiton and Management System

CEO 아래에 CHO가 있고, CHO 아래에 CSR파트가 있습니다. CSR 파트 아래에는 HR(노동인권), 기획(경영전략), 품질경영(고객만족), 환경안전(그린경영), 법무(지배구조), 
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