Environment and Safety Management

Safe Logistics

We are optimizing the operation that enables efficient support to provide fast and accurate logistics services. In particular, we have carried out activities to reduce inactive and stagnant inventory to improve the efficiency of logistics center operation. We have monitored parking performance, and established parking reduction plans with related departments, reducing it to 74% compared to the end of 2019. In terms of optimization of our logistics bases, we have improved efficiency by integrating logistics bases in Uijeongbu/Guri, Seosan/Cheonan, and Mokpo/Gwangju.

Enhancement of Negligent Accidents Mitigation Accidents

We are continuously strengthening safety accident prevention activities to operate a safe logistics center. With the introduction of dangerous place rating management system at each logistics center, we are reinforcing improvement and management measures by identifying even small elements of risk factors at distribution sites, and managing about 4,000 dangerous places. In particular, we have installed speed control, seat belt interlock and rear warning lights for the safety management of forklifts, which is a representative risk factor in the field.We have also conducted testing to introduce a new technology, a human body perception system. In addition, we have removed the factors leading to safety accidents by changing the layout and adjusting the work process in order to separate the traffic line between the forklift and people at each distribution center.

Logistics Efficiency Enhancement for Minimizing
Environmental Load

We are establishing the logistics system that minimizes our environmental
impact regardless of internal and external environmental changes
and increasing uncertainties, by continuously optimizing the operation
of logistics in each field, including process improvement, transport
and unloading.

Integrated operation of logistics bases, Shortened transport routes, Increased efficiency of delivery,total