Environment and Safety Management

Safe Logistics

class="manageText mb40">Our business site in Cheonan has been equipped with the temperature and pest control facilities by expanding and moving the warehouse for Babience products. We have also implemented the high-quality logistics management by applying the management standards from storage to logistics customized for the characteristics of products. In the beverage division in 2016, we focused on carrying out the Back to the Basic campaign as part of the activities for improving the logistics environment and protection of products. The management of products and logistics centers and compliance with safety rules help us reinforce the system for product safety enhancement.

Logistics Efficiency Enhancement for Minimizing
Environmental Load

We are establishing the logistics system that minimizes our environmental
impact regardless of internal and external environmental changes
and increasing uncertainties, by continuously optimizing the operation
of logistics in each field, including process improvement, transport
and unloading.

Integrated operation of logistics bases, Shortened transport routes, Increased efficiency of delivery,total