Environment and Safety Management

Minimizing the Environmental Effect

LG H&H sets a goal every year and minimize its environ-mental effect by conducting various activities to reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption, and effectively manage water resources

Response to Climate Change

LG H&H focuses on the management of energy efficiency as a systematic countermeasure to climate change at all business sites. Based on our continued investment in energy efficiency improvement by repairing facilities and replacing equipment, we minimize physical and financial damages to the company and fulfill our environmental responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Water Resource Management

Each of our business sites has conducted activities in response to the risk factors to water resources. Coca-Cola Beverage and HAITAI htb conduct the vulnerability assessment of raw water resources on a five-year basis, targeting their beverage manufacturing facilities. We also manage the status of water consumption and relevant risk factors based on the raw water protection plan developed by Global Coca-Cola. We analyze raw water resources and evaluate water quality, the government policies and regulations, and stakeholders through the vulnerability assessment of raw water resources. Based on that, we designed and managed our own raw water protection plan, which includes the composition of the raw water management team and the management of vulnerability and stakeholders. In addition, we utilize WRI Aqueduct tool to identify the overall physical and regulatory requirements of each business site with manufacturing facilities. This assessment enables us to recognize the continuity of business affected by water and the impact of water shortage, while identifying the limited intakek of water in our business sites due to flooding and drought.

Wastewater Management

To prevent water pollution, LG H&H thoroughly handles the wastewater generated at each business site by using internal or external treatment facilities. At the company’s own facilities, we apply in-house standards stricter than the legal regulations and implement facility improvement projects and investment to enhance the efficiency of wastewater treatment and minimize pollutants. Our business site in Cheongju installed the microbubble generation devices to remove floating matters and other pollutants more efficiently, leading to increase in treatment efficiency. It also created a safe and healthy work environment by reducing power consumption and noise with high-efficiency equipment. The business site in Yeoju utilizes anaerobic digestion chambers to reduce the amount of pollutants discharged. We handle waste gas generated by anaerobic digestion, collecting thermal energy by using the heat recovery system to reduce energy consumption.

Waste Management

In order to reduce not only the waste generated at the business site but also the waste generated during product use, we reduced the weight of packaging materials in the product development phase, while managing the amount of waste through the defect rate control in the production phase. Generated waste is not incinerated or buried, but used as resources through recycling and resource recovery, contributing to resource circulation.

Harmful Chemical Substance Management

As a preemptive measure in anticipation of tightened regulations on chemical substances at home and abroad, including the Chemicals Control Act, LG H&H conducts a regular internal diagnosis and employs the LG Group’s diagnosis to systematically respond to the management of chemical substances. We are also continuing our investment and improvement projects.