Company Overview

No. 1 LG H&H

Becoming the best leading company requires more than a dream. LG H&H’s entire workforce never relents the day-to-day pursuit for the new and innovative. To realize the dream, the company keeps moving on to fresh challenges with ever-firmer enthusiasm and determination.

This is our commitment to realize
the dream of becoming No. 1 LG H&H.

LG H&H, always standing steadfast alongside our customers

LG H&H has become a vital part of customers’ daily lives and dedicated itself to their healthy and beautiful life for over 60 years since its founding in 1947. Starting with the first domestically-manufactured cosmetics and toothpastes, the company has produced a variety of best-selling products for everyday use, eventually expanding to become Korea’s foremost cosmetics, household goods and beverage company.

Creative customer-centric marketing company

Today, LG H&H is continually renewing itself as the best 'customer-centric marketing company'.
Beyond the existing industrial barrier of household goods and cosmetic business, the company has come up with innovative products tailored to customers’ needs. The innovative products include fermented cosmetics and functional health foods. The company is determined to keep expanding its businesses to better fit the needs of its customers. Through outstanding goods and services differentiated from existing product lines, the company seeks to build a special relationship with customers.

A different workplace, the home of outstanding talents

The advancement into a creative customer-centric marketing company requires a change in the working culture. The change enabled LG H&H to streamline its decision-making process by minimizing unnecessary tasks and simplifying its company hierarchy.

In doing so, the company helps its staff balance their career and private life, thereby enabling them to focus on best serving the customers’ needs.

LG H&H cultivates talents based on the belief that its core product is human resources. The company selects an outstanding workforce through distinguished verification programs such as marketing seminars and puts potential talents through rapid growth by decisively conferring authority and operating under a performance-based remuneration system.

Domestic and Overseas Corporations

Domestic and Overseas Corporations
Coca-Cola Beverage Company Yangsan, Korea
HAITAI htb Co., Ltd. Seoul, Korea
THEFACESHOP Co., Ltd. Seoul, Korea
Beijing LG Household Chemical Co., Ltd. Beijing, China
Hangzhou LG Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou, China
LG H&H Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China
Domestic and Overseas Corporations
LG VINA Cosmetics J/V Co., Ltd Dong Nai, Vietnam
LG H&H America New Jersey, USA
GSI (Ginza Stefany) Tokyo, Japan
Everlife Fukuoka, Japan