Environment and Safety Management

Environment · Safety · Health Policy

To provide differentiated products and services to customers in three areas of Healthy, Beautiful, and Refreshingunder the management philosophy of LG, we shall establish environment safety health policy and practice the followings.

  • ·Creation of Safe and Healthy Environment

    We construct eco-friendly and safe work environment in the whole process of business activities and contribute to continuous growth of our company through the activities for promoting employee’s health.

  • · Continuous Improvement of Environment · Safety · Health

    In the whole process of production activities from purchase of raw materials to production, distribution, logistics and product use, we establish an Environment · Safety · Health management system, regularly inspect it, disclose information transparently, and reflect environment managementin major decision-making in all business activities including merger and acquisition.

  • · Harmony with Environment

    We provide customers with differentiated value by operating the system that minimizes the influence on Environment·Safety ·Health.

  • · Creation of Environment · Safety · Health Culture

    Complying with basics and principles, we create an Environment · Safety · Health culture focusing on reduction of influence on environment, such as prevention of environmental pollution, prohibition of use of harmful substances, reduction of wastes and efforts for recycling, reduction of energy and GHG emission, and sustainable water resource management.

  • · Compliance with Regulations

    We comply with laws and regulations related to Environment · Safety · Health and improve the state of them to a global level by proactively establishing self-standards for them one step ahead of those laws and regulations.

  • · Social Responsibilities

    We fulfill CSR by actively supporting programs for improving Environment · Safety · Health in local communities with major business partners including suppliers.

Implementation and Management Structure

Our Environment and Safety organization is responsible for working-level ESH operations including the green company designation, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 while reviewing pending issues through the Enterprise Environment and Safety Committee and identifying alternatives.

CEO 아래에 CHO가 있고, CHO 아래에 대외협력부문장이 있습니다. 대외협력부문장은 HES팀장(간사) 이고, 대외협력부문장 아래에 물류부문, R&D, 구매, 생산 부서가 있습니다.

Medium & Long-term Roadmap (KPIs) for Environment and Safety Management

Medium & Long-term Roadmap (KPIs) for Environment and Safety Management

Management System Certification

Management System Certification