Environment and Safety Management

Safety Management Activities

Accident-free Environment
& Safety Management

LG H&H sets key challenges to achieve an accident-free level, and conduct monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly monitoring to accomplish these goals. Each year, we identify risk factors in six categories system, machinery, electricity, process, fire prevention and environment-in cooperation with internal and external experts, and improve what is lacking in each category.

Accident-free Construction
Safety Management

In terms of construction by subcontractors, the possibility of accident may increase if relevant information, including the number of workforce, equipment and materials to be used, is not properly shared between the relevant departments. In response, LG H&H has an emergency communication network to enable the main gate security team, the purchase order team, and the environment and safety team to cooperate closely with each other. Based on this system,we comply with the construction safety management requirements by sharing construction plans, strengthening the access control of the security team for the main gate, and checking safety issues before and during construction. We also prevent severe accidents in advance, including fire, risky machinery, and falling equipment.

Near Miss Prevention

We operate the field-driven improvement system with participation of employees to prevent near misses. We manage the improvement rate for preventing near misses, targeting all subsidiaries and business sites. The result is then reflected in the individual and team performance evaluation to find out more about our risk behaviors and situations. We will take the initiative in establishing safety culture with the voluntary participation of employees, while strengthening safety culture to create synergy through the training program for better sensitivity to risk factors.

Suppliers’ Activities for
Industrial Safety & Health

The effort of safety and health management based on a consensus with suppliers for industrial accident prevention is an essential element for preventing accidents in business sites. For a safe work environment for suppliers, LG H&H supports the risk assessment and technologies, selects and offers safety shields suitable for each task, and provides human resources and material support required for addressing harmful risk factors. We also conduct the monthly win-win cooperation group meeting to provide timely and effective support to improve our suppliers’ autonomous safety and health management capacity.

Goal of Achieving 100%
Normal Use Rate of Safety Covers

Due to the characteristics of the manufacturing-based business, there are always potential risks of people becoming caught in machines, equipment and logistics installations. In order to avoid such major accidents in advance, we have tried to achieve a 100% normal use rate of safety covers that prevent the operation of machines to protect workers when their safety covers are open. The facility operation department takes charge of daily self-checks on safety covers, while the safety department conducts inspections, reducing such accidents from 3 cases in 2016 to zero in 2017. In 2018, we plan to fundamentally prevent negligent accidents by applying the lock-out and tag-out system to the switches of machines at our business sites in Cheongju, Ulsan and Onsan, avoiding accidents caused by miscommunication that may start machines during the inspection process.

Industrial Safety and Health
Activities for Suppliers

The effort of safety and health management based on a consensus with suppliers for industrial accident prevention is an essential element for preventing accidents in business sites. For a safe work environment for suppliers, LG H&H supports the risk assessment and technologies, selects and offers safety shields suitable for each task, and provides human resources and material support required for addressing harmful risk factors. We have an industrial safety and health committee for in-house suppliers to support their safety and health system. We share and discuss relevant issues, provide education programs about amended laws and regulations, and help them abide by such regulations. We also open our safety and health education rooms, health care center, fitness center, and shower rooms to employees of suppliers, assisting their training and health care activities and increasing their satisfaction level.

Establishment of Process Safety Management System

LG H&H introduced the PSM system in 2008 and has minimized the handling of hazardous substances and installed fire partitions for storage rooms to prevent the spread of fire and explosion accidents, and established automatic extinguishing equipment, including water sprinklers, to put out a fire quickly. In addition, the company has an emergency manual so that employees can respond properly to any urgent situation, and checks this manual through regular emergency response drills.

Safe environment education

We operate communication channels, including our newsletter and bulletin board, to share the current status and prospects of realizing a safety environment, and provide education programs to employees at each level. Each department voluntarily promotes information sharing activities, analyzes potential accidents, and improves the environment. We hold two meetings of the Environmental Safety Committee each year and design medium and long-term plans for efficient decision making to create a safety environment across the company. We also carry out health and safety campaigns twice a year and increase the awareness of employees through various methods including the sharing of safety practices.

Emergency Response System

LG H&H has built the emergency response system regarding chemical substances at its business sites and strictly manages relevant accident risks through training sessions. We have strengthened the response procedures from prevention to early detection, prevention of spreading, and early recovery to minimize the impact of accidents, by holding regular training sessions and evaluations.

Joint drill for chemical substance leakage handling

<Joint drill for chemical substance leakage handling>

Regional Response System

LG H&H has reinforced its emergency response capacity across the company related to the environment and safety by establishing the Regional Emergency Response System, aimed at immediately responding to accidents at its 90 business sites, including logistics facilities and research centers, throughout the country. We classified business sites into seven regions and let the business site in charge support the environment and safety affairs in the relevant region and visit the facilities in the case of an emergency. With this system, we enhanced the response capacity of logistics facilities that are relatively lacking in resources.

Joint drill for chemical substance leakage handling

Education and Training for CPR

We carried out 18 training sessions for CPR and the use of AEDs (automated external defibrillator), which are the basics of safety education, for 1,187 employees. For swift and effective training, we utilized 23 sets of dummies and AED training kits. We also provide leaflets for visitors on the guidelines and rules for preventing cardiac arrest, creating a safe work environment in our business sites. We will continue to provide training programs for employees to enhance their emergency response capacity.

Joint drill for chemical substance leakage handling

Rate of industrial accidents

Occupational Injury Rate
Classification Unit 2015 2016 2017
LG H&H Cases 7 4 5
% 0.16 0.09 0.11
Coca Cola Beverage Cases 7 14 11
% 0.29 0.59 0.47
HAITAI htb Cases 3 6 2
% 0.38 0.79 0.25
% 0 0 0

* In 2013, the average occupational injury rate in South Korea was 0.59%.
** Reason of increase: The increase in the volume of goods transported caused the rise in the occupational injury rate.

Health Improvement Activities

Health Improvement Activities

Health Improvement Activities
Classification Description
Development of musculoskeletal disease prevention program Signed MOU with Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine and upgraded CCB customized gym
Operation of musculoskeletal disease treatment and rehabilitation program Developed customized treatment and rehab programs for Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine and CCB
Intensive management of employees subject to health management by disease Established individual health management system through the cooperation of the part leaders of the employees subject to health management and the health managers
Reinforcement of employee health management program Executed no-smoking program and nutrition campaign
Reinforcement of in-house health education Increased health awareness by conducting collective monthly safety and health training
Continuous provision of health information Posting of health information on a monthly basis
Reduction of harmful work environments Reduced the number of items not meeting the standards by measuring work environments twice a year and conducting periodic inspections (the company’s own measurement - noise, CO, CO2 and intensity of illumination)

Establishing the infrastructure
for health diagnosis
and improvement

In order to protect, maintain, and improve the health of employees, the company supports annual comprehensive health checks for all employees over age 35 and general health checks for those under 35. Our company also supports the spouses of employees, giving them opportunities to receive these same health checks every other year.
In 2015, we established the infrastructure for health checks and improvement to increase accessibility to information. In this system, employees can see the changes in their health condition with graphs that visualize the major health indicators based on the result of health checks over the last three years. Even after the period of health checks, employees can receive high-quality health management services, including a consultation with a doctor about the results of the health check anytime throughout the year and an emergency request for treatment (at university hospitals).

건강증진 활동
Classification Before 2014 From 2015
Scheduling and
escheduling doctor
· Scheduling appointments was too inconvenient for sales and production department staff and their spouses (required to use intranet website)
· Rescheduling was only possible by phone
· Appointment scheduling can be done via PC, mobile phones, and call center outside the company and at home.
· Rescheduling is available in real-time via the website or phone (hospital’s call center).
Hospital selection and
health check items
· Difficult to compare health check items at each hospital due to use of complex terms and tables. · Health check items and hospitals can be compared (up to three hospitals).
· More hospital info is available, and staff and their spouses can now use multiple hospitals.
Result of health check · Employees needed to use the same hospital to implement health check history. · Health check results can be checked on the website.
· The accumulated history from different hospitals can now be accessed.
· Graphs are used to make it easier to compare and check the major health indicators.
Doctor consultation · Consultation was only possible at the same hospital.
· It was difficult to consult with a doctor about general health issues.
· Medical personnel can be consulted via the website or phone (call center).
· The call center provides reservation-based service in case of request for urgent treatment.
· Information about diseases can be always found on the website.
· The webzine is delivered by e-mail, providing information on major diseases according to the health check results.

Stress management

LG H&H operates a psychological counseling program to present stress management guidelines for employees, find any mental issues in the early stages, and help them maintain their mental health. Our counseling center operates at our business site in Anyang, focusing on call center staff who deal with emotional labor. To increase the awareness of psychological counseling and help employees better understand it, we invite renowned experts as special lecturers, and enable our employees to comfortably use the center anytime in our completely confidential counseling system

Management of Cerebrovascular
and Cardiovascular Diseases

For the management of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, we had 326 employees aged 45 or over fill out the health management plan and undergo counseling and checkups with doctors. In 2018, we will expand the scope of subjects for health checkups and employ the cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease checkup package that is supposed to be conducted every five years. We will operate the intensive care program targeting employees who need to be careful about or have a risk of four major diseases as diagnosed in the checkup, helping them to prevent sudden heart attacks or cerebral infarctions.