Sustainability Management Strategy

We will continue to expand customer value by actively practicing ESG management that fulfills our responsibility to the environment and society.

Dear Stakeholders,

I wish you and your families the best of health and happiness in 2023.

As a global leader in ESG management, LG H&H is taking active steps to comply with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals. Last year, we announced our ‘2050 Carbon Neutrality Plan’ and believe that this declaration will be an essential condition for LG H&H to grow as a sustainable company in the future. We have commenced our carbon neutral management to reduce our carbon emissions to zero and created a roadmap for responding to climate change.

We will also fulfill our corporate social responsibility by conducting various social contribution activities for biodiversity conservation and the socially disadvantaged. In this way, we will further increase the value of customer satisfaction to create a company that can sustain itself by actively practicing ESG management.

Since taking on the responsibility of CEO at the end of last year, I have been listening to various stakeholders and thinking about how to apply this information for the company’s growth. We practice customer centered management to ensure our brands and products are aligned with the big trends in the marketplace and our customers, by providing quality and consultation we have become the brand they love and trust for years to come.

We will encourage and value fresh approaches to keep up with changes in the market and customer’s needs. We will strive to innovate our technology and produce products that are novel and unique. To support these new diverse ideas and translate them into business results, we need to make sure our brands are genuine, with products that deliver tangible benefits and value to customers and packaging that captures their emotions and convenience. It is a difficult task but must be done uncompromisingly and diligently.

To grow as a global company, overseas business expansion must be sustained and strengthened. In China, we will focus on strengthening our brand portfolio and expanding our local distribution base in line with market and customer changes. For North America, our next market, we plan to prepare brands and products that fit the local market and customer characteristics and enhance local business operation capabilities.

For the matters that I have mentioned to be executed with persistence and to lead to meaningful results and internalized capabilities, we all need to do a lot more, deep thinking, unhesitating communication, and fierce collaboration from a customer value perspective - not just across business units and overseas subsidiaries, but across CTOs, CDOs, design, production, support, etc.

We will not stop challenging ourselves, taking pride in what we do and finding reward in creating "customer value creation", will become the foundation of a stronger LG H&H. We ask for the continued interest and support of all LG H&H stakeholders.

Thank you.

July 2022
CEO & President Lee Jeong-ae