Healthy R&D

Healthy Research & Development

The Healthy R&D center started in 1979 as a research unit for household goods within the Lucky Central Research Institute, the first private general technology research institute within the Daedeok Research and Development Special Zone. We have been playing the leading role in research and development of household goods and continue to strive to achieve technological innovations for more convenient and environmentally and human-friendly products.

Main Areas of Research

Oral Care Products Research

Since LG H&H launched 'Lucky Toothpaste', the first Korean-made toothpaste, in 1954, we have developed many toothpaste products including Korea's first medicated toothpaste, 'PERIOE'; 'Bamboo Salt Toothpaste'; and 'PERIOE 46cm Toothpaste'.

In addition, we developed various oral hygiene products such as 'PERIOE Toothbrush' and 'Bamboo Salt Toothbrush' as well as Korea's first teeth whitener.

Our recent developments include non-abrasive cleaning technology that causes no abrasion to the surfaces of teeth, and functional toothbrushes that release active ingredients. We also sourced and procured an internationally recognized technology for advanced teeth whitening strips.

Hair Care Products Research

We offer a wide range of hair care products including basic hair cleaning and treatment products (shampoo, conditioner, treatment, mask), hair styling products, and hair coloring products. With the 1967 launch of the 'Cream Shampoo', the first Korean-made shampoo product, LG H&H has subsequently introduced 'Unina Shampoo' (1976), the first general-purpose shampoo in Korea, and the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, 'Rendezvous Shampoo' (1990). First launched in 2001, our 'Elastine Shampoo' has been pioneering the premium shampoo segment in Korea.

In our continuing efforts to offer differentiated hair care products to consumers, LG H&H introduced the 'Elastine Perfume Shampoo' with delicate and long-lasting perfume-like scents, and the natural, silicone-free 'Organist Shampoo' containing organic oils.

Skin Care Products Research

Since the release of Rainbow Soap and Clover Soap in 1959, LG H&H has produced many personal care products, including Sense Soap, the first anti-acne soap made in Korea, and body wash, foam cleanser, soap and body lotion from the body styling and total body care brand 'ON: THE BODY', which provides customized care for individual skin types and skin problems.

Recently we sourced and procured several technologies such as a cleaning technology that maximizes the effects of top notes and lingering last notes; a whipped soap formula with cushiony texture and richness; and a natural cleaning technology that minimizes skin irritation and skin damage. We focus on the research and development that can maximize the appeal to the sensibilities of consumers as well as the effectiveness of products they experience.

Laundry Products Research

After the 1966 launch of 'High Ti', the first laundry detergent made in Korea, LG H&H launched several laundry product brands, including 'Super Ti', which became synonymous with laundry detergent in Korea, 'Tech', and most recently 'Han Ip'. Our current focus is on developing the super concentration technology that enables high performance with less, and various types of formulas, including a traditional powder formula, a liquid type, and a soluble sheet-type formula that is more convenient to use.

After launching 'Sofrin' in 1979, LG H&H introduced 'Saffron', now a synonym for fabric softener in Korea; the world's first sheet-type fabric softener, 'Saffron Aroma Sheet'; and the 'Saffron Fragrance Capsule Pang Pang' with concentrated formula. Our recent efforts focus on developing innovative technologies that provide eco-friendliness, skin and garment protection, long-lasting fragrance, and increased convenience.

Kitchen/Household Care Products Research

Our research for kitchen/household care products focuses on several product families such as kitchen cleaning products/kitchen tools, cleaning and sanitizing products for bathroom/living space, and air freshener/deodorizer. We play a pioneering role in developing creative and innovative products that help maintain clean and pleasant living spaces for consumers.

LG H&H launched 'Pong Pong' that became a byword for dish soap in Korea, and 'Jayeonpong', the No.1 domestic dish soap brand. Our 'Jayonpong Ssaltteumul' made from murky, cream-colored water that comes from washing rice, has huge appeal to domestic consumers. In addition, we developed many household care products that gained wide popularity among consumers, including 'Tissue-type Jayeonpong', a convenient sheet-type dish soap; 'Home Star', Korea's first spray-type cleaner; and the deodorizer 'Please Take Care of My Shoes'.

LG H&H created 'Partel Aromatheraphy' air fresheners with natural fragrances that can help create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere at home. Our 'Happy Breeze Fragrance Seeds' is an air freshener made with natural tree seeds. We focus on the research and development of hypoallergenic/high-performance cleaning technologies with natural ingredients and technologies that enable a long-lasting and gradual release of scents.

Paper-Based Products Research

Our paper-based products research focuses on developing diapers and baby wipes that are safe for both skin and body.

For the disposable diapers market, LG H&H developed and launched 'Toddien Hangbang Jaunbo' and 'Toddien Red Clay' that use traditional Korean medicine-based materials and natural materials such as red clay and a patented coating technology, securing a firm position as a premium functional diaper brand in the market.

We also released new products that cater to diverse needs of our customers, including 'Toddien Skinny Soft', extra-soft diapers for baby's sensitive skin, and 'Toddien Organique' with a thick lining made of organic cotton for extra comfort and a soft touch. We currently focus on the research and development of differentiated diaper products that can lessen the occurrence of diaper rash.

We are currently working on a wet wipes product that provides both safety and convenience. We launched several wet wipes products such as 'Toddien Safe Tissue with No Antiseptic' containing no antiseptic, and 'White Cloud Bidet Tissue' that can be flushed down the toilet after use.

Proprietary Surfactants Research

LG H&H has created various surfactants for applications in cleaning products and personal care products, such as alkylglucoside, a?naturally derived surfactant from corn/coconut. We are also researching and developing eco-friendly materials including plant-based antibacterial moisturizer, emollient, and solvent; cosmetics ingredients with unique functions; materials for personal care products; and high polymer materials.

We not only develop key ingredients used in various industries, such as petrochemistry, information technology and electronics, but also conduct research on how to replace harmful chemicals used in those industries with eco-friendly, non-toxic, naturally derived ingredients.

We believe that innovative materials can bring about products that impress customers and make their lives better. We continue our research and development efforts to innovate and strive for the best.

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