Beautiful R&D

Beautiful Research&Development

Since the establishment of the Cosmetics Research Center in 1984,
LG H&H has been creating new value for customers in maintaining beauty. We are dedicated to conducting differentiated research activities in order to appeal to the sensibilities of consumers and to implement the effectiveness of our products.

Main Areas of Research

Cutting-Edge Bio-Fusion Technology

With understanding of the symptoms and causes of skin aging based on dermatological science, LG H&H strives to develop innovative bio-applied technologies and products that can help improve skin troubles through cutting-edge bio-fusion technology such as stem cell culture techniques and DNA-applied technologies. Our emphasis is on creating new biomaterials that can improve the most common skin problems such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and dark spots. We are also conducting in-depth research on skin stem cells that are closely related to the aging of skin.

We developed a technique for extracting the key ingredient for skin regeneration from stem cell culture fluid as well as Transkin™ technology, our proprietary technology that increases the dermal penetration of growth factors that are beneficial for skin (such as EGF and hGH) By 100 fold. Through our research endeavors, we provide differentiated value to consumers.

In addition, we developed several technologies that enhance other common skin problems such as dark circles, eczema, and acne, in order to provide our customers with differentiated effectiveness.

Differentiated New Formulation Technology

Natural-oriented formulation technology
LG H&H developed a true-eco technology, using 100 percent organic ingredients and eliminating any ingredients that can irritate skin such as animal-derived ingredients, petroleum-based ingredients, chemical preservatives, artificial pigments, silicones, and synthetic fragrances. Because we care not only about our consumers’ skin and consciousness but also about the environment of our planet, we focus on developing sustainable products.
True Quality, True Value Formulation Technology
Through our True Quality, True Value research, we focus on developing products that are both effective and safe for skin. We minimize the use of ingredients that are essential for maintaining product quality but potentially harmful to skin, and maximize the content of beneficial ingredients.
Solubilization Technology of Hardly-Soluble Ceramide
We developed a solubilization technology for solubilizing ceramide. Ceramide is a key component in our skin that plays an important role in skin aging concerning skin moisturization, elasticity, and wrinkles, but it is unsoluble in water. With this technology, we are able to launch products that provide differentiated user experience in terms of product quality and performance.

Scientific Research of Traditional Korean Herbal Medicine

We promote research on sourcing and procuring leading technologies in traditional Korean medicine and develop traditional Korean medicine-based cosmetics products by applying these technologies as well as traditional Korean medicinal theories and ingredients based on cosmetic dermal science.

Following the principle of “treating the whole person, both inside and outside” of traditional Korean medicine, we developed whitening cosmetics products using our proprietary ingredient white atractylis oil, and the quasi-drug Myeongbaekhwan tablets that help improve dark spots. We introduced the Gongjinhyang Skin Secret Plan, customized skin care ampoules for three skin types most commonly found among Koreans - Ul, Yeol, and Han. In addition, through our research on the effectiveness of Korean ginseng we succeeded in commercializing high purity ginsenoside Rh1, a micro ingredient derived from ginseng, and developed a functional ingredient effective for wrinkles. We are the first company in Korea to discover the functional application of the active ingredient contained in reynoutria, which is effective for both whitening and wrinkles.

Fermentation-applied Technology

In 2007 LG H&H launched Korea’s first traditional Korean medicine-based fermented cosmetic “Sooryeohan Hyo” and the first naturally fermented cosmetics brand “Su:m 37,” thus strengthening our position in the industry as a leading company in research and development of fermentation-based cosmetics. LG H&H is the first company in Korea to develop and apply GABA, a new functional material effective for wrinkles, and NAPS, a fermented functional ingredient for whitening, to the fermented cosmetics products.

LG H&H launched Su:m 37 ART, Korea’s first cosmetics product that ferments not only the plant extracts but also other base ingredients in the formula. In addition, we developed a Georgian fern-derived ingredient, combining the 8,000 year-old traditional fermentation technique of Georgia, and applied it to Su:m 37’s “Secret Repair” product line.

We isolated symbiotic microbes that inhabit cultivated ginseng and wild ginseng in pure culture and discovered that symbiotic microbes in ginseng have the excellent ability to convert ginsenoside. With this understanding, we created the optimal condition for fermenting these symbiotic ginseng microbes and developed the Sooryeohan’s “Bio Ginseng” product, which contains 33 kinds of ginseng saponin.

New Powder Formula Technology for Improved and Long-Lasting Makeup Application

We focus our energy on developing powders and pigments, both essential ingredients for creating makeup effects. We are especially interested in the research of optical properties of powder and surface treatment of powder materials, which will help us control the optical properties of light (absorption, reflection, transmittance and diffusion). Such studies help us develop makeup products that enable consumer to achieve the makeup effects they desire.

We also study ways to improve the long-lasting effect of makeup products, including coatings for coloring materials; prevention of the transfer of coloring materials; and chemical affinity between oil and coloring materials. We devote our resources and energy to develop differentiated materials and formulas that can help maintain the freshness of the makeup through out the day without fix-up.

Development of Technology for Differentiated New Containers

For makeup products, containers and applicators are a final medium communicating the quality of product contents as well as a key factor deciding the overall quality of the product. Thus, we focus on developing new types of containers providing effectiveness, emotion and convenience for use that go beyond the primary role of containers as a mere storage item.

As a result of our efforts, we introduced containers and applicators with innovative concepts, such as an airtight compact case, grinding powder, and Rubycell sponge puff. We continue our endeavors to develop containers with innovative concepts that provide diverse values to our consumer.

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