Sustainable Products

Establishment of Green Packaging System

LG H&H operates the Green Product Review Committee on a company-wide level to realize sustainable green packaging. With the CRO as its chairperson, the committee is composed of the design, packaging research, purchasing, business division, and product planning departments, and is primarily run by the environment and safety team. The committee carries out activities from the pre-development stage, proposing green packaging and suggesting and reviewing green level issues. To proactively comply with rapidly-changing packaging policies, the committee shares relevant information, establishes policies, and applies the policies in products. In 2020, through the operation of the Green Product Review Committee, we conducted activities to minimize product containers, improve materials, and increase the recyclability of our packaging. We reduced the weight of containers by applying a stepped tray to the set products, changed the container material from PET to PP(Polypropylene) or HDPE(High Density Polyethylene), and reduced the amount and cost of packaging waste by implementing improvement tasks to enhance recyclability.

Green Product Review Committee

Green Packaging Guide

Environmental Product Packaging

LG H&H has continued efforts to employ an efficient method for developing eco-friendly containers in the product development phase. We designed and distributed the Green Packaging Guide that classifies the containers of products to be developed into different grades according to three factors (weight, raw material and recyclability) and assigns marks for them, enabling a more objective assessment of eco-friendliness. We continue to manage our products at each grade and enhance the eco-friendliness of them. Advanced countries, such as Europe and Japan, have already established various regulations on the recyclability of containers. LG H&H will establish its position as a leading eco-friendly company that takes the initiative in the development of green containers and packaging in the market.

Application of Green Packaging Guide

The Green Packaging Guide includes a range of standards presented by the Ministry of Environment (ME) to help the relevant departments develop environmentally friendly products, even from the development phase. Product packaging is ranked according to their weight, raw materials, and recyclability for the evaluation of their eco-friendliness. We classify them into Green Level-1 to 3, and manage and improve the products in a systematic way. Green Level-3 product packaging is reported to the CEO on a monthly basis, and a special decision-making process is required in case it is impossible to apply the Green Level to a certain product packaging.

Green Packaging Guide

Green Packaging Guide

Case of Packaging Materials with Improved Recyclability

LG H&H strives to address hindering factors in the recycling process to enhance the recyclability of containers and the eco-friendly image of products.

Voluntary Improvement of
Packaging Materials and

Voluntary Improvement of Packaging Materials and Structure

Hempharmx Hair & Body Care

A clean beauty trend that prioritizes the impact on people, animals and the global environment is spreading around the world. Hempharmx is a hair & body care brand containing hemp seed oil, which is gaining attention as an eco-friendly product. It minimizes the decomposition of omega 3 and 6 components by a cold compression method that does not apply heat to the raw materials, and is certified as “excellent” grade in the German Derma Test and the Vegetarian Society of the UK, based on its hypoallergenic formula. In addition, we applied the Smart Easy Cap, which is easy to recycle.

Hempharmx Hair & Body Care

Improving Recyclability of PET Containers

In 2020, it became mandatory to dispose of transparent plastic bottles separately to maximize the recyclability of PET bottles and prevent the mixing of heterogeneous raw materials. In addition, labels or pumps that are difficult to separate require improvements. LG H&H changed the materials of containers with pump dispensers to PP or HDPE to improve separation and recyclability, and also reduced the recycling charges.

Improving Recyclability with Colorless Pet Containers

Changed Colors of PET Bottles for Beverages and Improved Labeling

After identifying the problem of the many unrecyclable PET bottles, we changed colored PET bottles to colorless bottles that are easy to recycle. Representative products include Sprite, Seagram Sparkling Water, Kin Cider, and Minute Maid Aloe. In addition, we are making efforts to improve the eco-friendliness of packaging with the application of a perforated line and thermal-alkali separated adhesives1) and label-free packaging to increase the ease of use in separating labels from PET containers

1) Thermal-alkali separated adhesives: Easily separated by reacting to a constant temperature (85 - 90℃) of washing water for recycled products and sodium hydroxide (2%) Changed Colors of PET Bottles for Beverages and Improved Labeling