Sustainable Products

Establishment of Green Packaging System

LG H&H operates the Green Product Review Committee to settle company-wide green management. With the CRO as the chairperson, the committee is composed of the environment and safety team, design team, packaging research team, purchase team, and business planning team and carries out activities from the pre-development stage, including proposing green packaging and suggesting and reviewing green level issues. By finding and executing ideas for sustainable packaging, LG H&H fulfills its responsibility and role as a green company.

Green Product Review Committee

Green Packaging Guide

Environmental Product Packaging

LG H&H has continued efforts to employ an efficient method for developing eco-friendly containers in the product development phase. We designed and distributed the Green Packaging Guide that classifies the containers of products to be developed into different grades according to three factors (weight, raw material and recyclability) and assigns marks for them, enabling a more objective assessment of eco-friendliness. We continue to manage our products at each grade and enhance the eco-friendliness of them. Advanced countries, such as Europe and Japan, have already established various regulations on the recyclability of containers. LG H&H will establish its position as a leading eco-friendly company that takes the initiative in the development of green containers and packaging in the market.

Application of Green Packaging Guide

The Green Packaging Guide includes a range of standards presented by the Ministry of Environment (ME) to help the relevant departments develop environmentally friendly products, even from the development phase. Product packaging is ranked according to their weight, raw materials, and recyclability for the evaluation of their eco-friendliness. We classify them into Green Level-1 to 3, and manage and improve the products in a systematic way. Green Level-3 product packaging is reported to the CEO on a monthly basis, and a special decision-making process is required in case it is impossible to apply the Green Level to a certain product packaging.

Green Packaging Guide

Green Packaging Guide

Case of Packaging Materials with Improved Recyclability

LG H&H strives to address hindering factors in the recycling process to enhance the recyclability of containers and the eco-friendly image of products.

Products in Colorless PET
Containers with Water-soluble Label
Adhesive Applied

We apply colorless PET containers and label material that is easily soluble in water to homecare products that ‘Pursue a Philosophy’ to enhance recyclability. Recyclable, colorless PET containers can reduce the mandatory burden under the Environmental Charging System by 38% compared to colored PET containers. We also use a water-soluble adhesive so that the labels can be easily removed by washing, thus reducing the burden in the recycling process. For implementing these innovations, we won the prize awarded by the President of KAPPE in the 11th Future Packaging Technology Award conducted by the government. LG H&H will expand the use of colorless PET containers and water-soluble label adhesives while minimizing the use of colored PET containers.

Homecare products that ‘Pursue a Philosophy’

Improving Recyclability
with Thermal Alkaline

As stakeholders increase their demands for resource circulation, LG H&H applied thermal alkaline adhesives instead of general ones to make it easier to separate labels from the PET bottles of beverages. This kind of adhesive is separated during the recycling process by reacting to sodium hydroxide (2%) at a certain temperature (85-90℃). This is a common label separation method utilized in the domestic recycling industry. Our major products with thermal alkaline adhesives applied include Coca-Cola and Sprite products in the sparkling beverage category and GangWon PyeongChangSoo and ViO Soonsoo in the non-sparkling beverage category.

Improving Recyclability with Thermal Alkaline Adhesives

Improving Recyclability
with Colorless
Pet Containers

the Voluntary Agreement on Packaging Material and Structure Improvement with the Ministry of Environment and improve the recyclability of colored PET containers, we switched from colored PET containers to colorless ones for Seagram's products. With these efforts, we increased recyclability of the products and reduced their costs by KRW 100 million. In 2019, we will expand the range of sustainable products, enhance our product's eco-friendliness and contribute to the circulation of resources.

Improving Recyclability with Colorless Pet Containers