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Clean Beauty Inside

CBI(Clean Beauty Inside)

What is CBI?

LG H&H established the Clean Beauty Research Center in 2021, the first in Korea, to conduct more proactive and systematic research on clean beauty. We are developing clean beauty for our customers based on our own unique clean beauty philosophy and standards, Clean Beauty Inside.
Clean Beauty Inside strives to convey the four core values of 'Planet Beauty', 'Skin Health', 'Responsibility', and 'Clean Performance' to consumers from the product development stage. The four core values are further broken down into categories, and weights are added to each category to calculate the Clean Beauty Index, which is a scientific and systematic criteria. Based on the Clean Beauty Index, the Clean Beauty Lab evaluates and improves the environmental impact and sustainability of our products to gradually increase our clean beauty capabilities.

Clean Beauty Inside
4 core values

OPEN INNOVATION PROCESS, LG생활건강,Open Innovation 플랫폼(i-Connect, C&D), 정부 출연, 연구 기관, 대학교 산학 협력단, 소비자, 기업연구소, 벤처기업 기술 거래, 전문 기관
  • We strive to minimize our impact on the global environment. We hope that activities such as efficient design of packaging materials and development of products that reduce carbon and water use will lead to respect for the environment.
  • We carefully analyze and manage raw materials and product ingredients, scientifically verify risk factors in products in advance, and ultimately strive to provide products that consumers can use with confidence.
  • We provide genuine quality and trust by systematically and transparently verifying the effectiveness and content of the product's effective ingredients and verifying them through a reputable external organization.
  • Through sustainable activities such as vegan prescriptions that do not use animal ingredients and fair trade raw materials, we will establish ourselves as a healthy and responsible company that cooperates with society.