Global No. 1 Juice Brand!

Minute Maid is dedicated in making the best quality juice by carefully selecting fresh fruits harvested at its prime season. Furthermore, Minute Maid continues to find new fruits and juice mixtures which have optimal flavor, nutrition overall providing a healthier lifestyle.

When you put good in, you get good out.
- Minute Maid
Release Year
Ma Dongseok
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Minute Maid Home Style


미닛메이드 홈스타일
진짜 좋은건 직접 씻고, 짜고, 갈아서 속살까지 담으면
만드는 건 어렵다, 홈스타일은 쉽다
과일 속까지 담아 더 맛있다
미닛메이드 홈스타일
속까지 먹으니까 더 맛있네
미닛메이드 홈스타일
청포도도 속까지 쉽게

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