Package R&D

Package Research & Development

The Package R&D Center develops user-oriented enhanced functional package, differentiated appearance package using the new materials, and eco-friendly package for the consumers to use safely and conveniencely the LG H&H's products

Main Areas of Research

Development of Packaging that Enhances the Brand Value

The Package R&D center develops new packaging methods and new technologies to enhance the fuction as well as the appearance of LG H&H’s products.

C&D activities incorporate new forms of technologies from other industries into packaging, which not only helps the packaging effectively represent the various formulations of our products, but also Increases the convenience of consumers. We also collaborate with global packaging companies to source and develop differentiated packaging items. Recently We applied the two-stage blow molding technology for PET bottles, which is mainly used in food packaging, to the packaging of our liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener. We are currently focusing on developing differentiated functional packaging methods, such as a functional pump that can improve the convenience of using bulk-size products.

Preliminary Assessments of Safety of Packaging Materials for Customer Satisfaction

By developing the package technology that provides the LG products to the consumers safely and non of the inconvenience when using LG products, the Package R&D Center conducts research for improving customer satisfaction and the By developing the package technology that provides the LG products to the consumers safely and non of the inconvenience when using LG products, function of packaging.

To achieve this, we check the transport and user environment in multi-pronged way, etc., and reflect the results to tests. Even after the release of products, we continue to monitor customer complaints and suggestions and provide any necessary improvements and support.

Development of Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Packaging

In order to minimize the environmental impact occured in the process of manufacturing and discarding the packaging, we continue our research activities to promote the sustainability of LG H&H and its brands.

To increase the recyclability of our packaging, we are reducing the amount of plastic-based materials and replacing them with paper-based materials or recycled materials. We are continuing our research on reducing the amount of raw materials of packaging used.

Also, in order to minimize petroleum-based materials, We developed a way to process naturally derived packaging materials. This packaging method was applied to the "Eco Product Lines" of eco-friendly brands "Beyond" and "Belif".

Basic Research on Packaging Materials and Processing Techniques

The Packaging R&D Center is researching specialized packaging materials and processing technologies for individual household goods, cosmetics, and beverage products and implementing them.

We are conducting basic research on various specialized materials including high-barrier materials that enable each product to maintain its specialized fuction and high gloss materials that maintain or enhance the aesthetic appeal of products.

Also, We collaborate with suppliers of the packaging materials through joint research & development activities, contributing to the increased product value as well as strengthening of the win-win growth partnership with them.