Scent Berry Perfume House

Scent Berry Perfume House 향(Scent) + 결실(Berry) = 향으로서 결실을 이룬다(Scent Berry Perfume)

The Scent Berry Perfume House is a research center specializing in perfume. Its name is a compound word of “scent” and “berry” and together it means “to bear fruit with scent.” The Scent Berry Perfume House focuses on research to enhance sensitive aspects of products by implementing the three main points for customer attraction, namely Story, Affinity, and Sense, through scent and favor.

Main Areas of Research

Emotional Design Development Reflecting Latest Trends

Based on joint research with major fragrance companies that determine the global fragrance trends, we are developing scents reflecting the newest fragrance trends for premium brands like OHUI, Vonin, and Isa Knox.

In particular, we developed scents reminiscent of popular designer fragrances and applied them to “Elastine Perfume Shampoo” and “ON: THE BODY Perfume Body Wash,” providing consumers with the luxurious feel of using expensive designer fragrances. To create the signature fragrances for the “Perfume Shampoo” and “ON: THE BODY” perfume body product line, we collaborated with famous perfumer Jean Marie Santantoni, who created Calvin Klein Escape and many other designer fragrances.

In summary, LG H&H's Scent Berry Perfume House is developing the trendiest fragrances and applying them to our products, in order to satisfy the sophisticated sensitivity of consumers.

Creating Eco-Friendly, Natural-oriented Fragrances

In an answer to the eco-friendly trend, we devote our efforts to developing 100 percent natural fragrances and giving our products non-artificial, natural scents.

The following cosmetics brands use our natural fragrances: 100 percent plant-derived oils are beautifully mixed for the “Su:m,” our fermentation-based cosmetics brand; 100 percent natural fragrances in our wine-based cosmetics brand “DAVI” and our premium men’s cosmetics brand “Kachet”; herbal cosmetics brand “belif” made with natural fragrances and no artificial fragrances; and Beyond’s “True Eco Line” scented with organic rosemary oil sourced from Corsica. The natural fragrances developed by the Scent Berry Perfume House have nature’s subtle scents but appeal to the sensitivities of a wide range of consumers.

Recreating Familiar and Personal Scents with Backstory

We also find the familiar and unique scents that exist in nature and capture the scent from the scene in order to preserve the image and texture associated with the individual scents. By recreating these scents in the lab and applying them to our products, we enhance the image of pure nature and give special characteristics to our products with unique scents, contributing to the increased emotional appeal of our products.

For example, we incorporated the scent of pine mushroom into “WHOO Hwanyugo,” which is considered one of the most expensive domestic cosmetics products, increasing the product appeal and contributing to its success. We applied the scents captured from dense forests deep inside the Seorak and Halla mountains to “Partel Air Freshener.” For the “Whoo Gongjinhyang” product line, we recreated the scent of daphne flower, whose scent is said to travel as far as 400 km. We found an inspiration from the perfume recipe in an old manuscript and applied the modern version of the perfume to the “ReEn Baekdanhyang/Seohyang Shampoo.” The citrusy scent of our “Beyond” products is a recreation of the new citrus variety “Red Hyang.” The incorporation of familiar but unique scents improves the image of our eco-friendly, natural cosmetics products.

Development of New Fragrances with Differentiated Technologies

To implement the differentiated fragrances created by LG H&H, we developed various technologies. To sustain the lingering last notes left on the hair, we applied the emulsified fragrance last note technology to “Elsastine Perfume Shampoo,” and to minimize the evaporation of scent and to extend the last notes we used scent capsule technology in “Saffron Fabric Softener” and “Tech Laundry Detergent.” Also, in order to mask the irritating scent and to improve the at-home hair coloring experience, we utilized the Trans Odor technology in our hair coloring products.

Also, we are developing special and new fragrance materials unique to LG H&H and implementing them into our proprietary new fragrances. In summary, the Scent Berry Perfume House is taking the lead in finding and implementing new emotional technologies and developing unique, differentiated scents.

Creating Fragrances with Broad Appeal to Consumers

In collaboration with the best perfumer in France, LG H&H is developing new fragrance products with the know-how for premium fragrances.

Our prestige fragrances include “Steven Stefany,” a Heritage Collection product with European sensitivity, and OHUI’s “Madame Lacy,” a fragrance fit for graceful aristocratic women. An example of our masstige fragrances is “Code On,” which offers a variety of selections to accommodate different tastes and styling needs according to seasons or different occasions. We also offer more affordable options such as “THEFACESHOP Soul” series whose boxes are illustrated with the masterpieces of Gustav Klimt. LG H&H offers a wide variety of fragrances with several price points to appeal to a broader customer base.