Inner-Beauty Research & Development

Inner Beauty Research & Development

The Inner Beauty R&D promotes the well-being of consumers by researching and developing health & beauty care food and beverage products. We promote the balance and harmony of the inner body through consumption of healthy food. We seek true beauty and health emanating from within. We promote research activities for making better quality products that can help consumers achieve inner beauty.

Main Areas of Research

Health & Beauty Care Food Products Development

Health & Beauty Care Food Products Development

Using functional ingredients proven beneficial to our body, LG H&H develops functional products that promote body metabolism and cultivate health and beauty in the mind and body. In other words, with the mottos of “Nature meets science” and “The East meets the West,” our research efforts focus on developing products that promote the balance and harmony between inside and the outside of one’s body, and help customers enjoy healthy and beautiful lives.

To achieve this goal, we not only research and commercialize the traditional Korean medicinal prescriptions and healthful natural substances, but also develop and launch health functional products in partnership with major international health food companies with advanced technologies.

We dedicate our efforts and resources to the research and development of blending technology that can maximize the bodily absorption and the effectiveness of functional ingredients; products made with innovative new materials; and products with special formulation that have a wide appeal to the sensitivities of global consumers, so that we can create innovative products that provide safety, organic functions, and health benefits. We devote our efforts to sourcing advanced technologies through partnerships with industry experts and academic institutions.

OTC & FoSHU (Food for Specified Health Use) Refreshing Products Development

OTC & FoSHU (Food for Specified Health Use) Refreshing Products Development

LG H&H develops over-the-counter products, a wide range of energy drinks and quasi-drugs including liquid-type health functional food, hangover drinks, vitamin drinks and beauty drinks. We focus on improving the research productivity in developing technologies and products, in order to become a leader in the self-medication market. At the same time, we are working on research and development of formulations and regulatory affairs so that we can launch new products as soon as needed.

Also, in order to secure competitiveness in the functional water market with huge potential, we strive to find water sources and establish innovative and proprietary research areas to increase the added value of our products, combining functional ingredients.

Food & Beverage, Value Added Dairy Products Development

Food & Beverage, Value Added Dairy Products Development

We focus on developing Refreshing food and beverages that represent health and pure love found in nature. We deliver a variety of beverage products that appeal to the sensitivities of consumers and reflect the newest market trends. Also, we are developing various value-added dairy products with added health benefits such as Babience liquid baby formula, whose new production method and container provides greater convenience for consumers.

Development of functional ingredients

Functional Materials Development

The role of functional materials development is to develop new materials that help improve consumers’ health and beauty and to obtain functional ingredient approval from the ministry of food and drug safety (MFDS) before manufacturing.

Functional ingredients which are designated by the MFDS are gradually declining. Instead, we are witnessing the establishment of a new trend in which each company develops new functional materials and applies for approval from MFDS. In addition, with the phase-out of the restriction on formulation types, which mainly recognized tablets, it is now possible to provide more diverse types of health functional food products.

The Inner Beauty R&D recognizes that securing advanced and innovative technologies is a key factor in success in the health functional food market. We not only devote our efforts to developing new materials in-house but also collaborate with domestic/international academic institutions and industry players. With these multi-pronged efforts, we are strengthening our basic research capability to discover materials beneficial to promoting health, to conduct clinical tests, and to commercialize new materials.