Social Contribution

Social Contribution

LG H&H social contribution activities are aligned with our business philosophy of making customers' lives more healthy, beautiful and refreshing. Women, our main customers, and youths are the focus of our contribution activities.

Our social contribution activities are not a one-time donation, but are designed to enhance the overall impact of our programs through selection and concentration of target groups, efficacy study-based support and partnerships with expert institutions. To this end, we divide our activities into the four areas of health, education, welfare and local communities.

  • Vision

    Beautiful Dreaming

  • 지원대상

    Women, Children, Teenagers

  • Slogan

    Assist women, children and teenagers in realizing their beautiful dream while contributing to a sustainable society

  • 지원영역

    Borrowing Earth School
    : Eco-friendly habits Program
    Global Eco Leader
    : Environmental program for teenagers
    Shiny Perioe
    : the dental health education Musical
    OHUI Beautiful Face Campaign
    : Support for children with facial disfigurements
    in receiving plastic surgery
    Happy Smile Fund
    : Assistive device support For Women with disabilities
    Community chest of Korea
    : Donation of supplies
    Food Bank
    : Donation of supplies
    Beautiful Store donations and volunteering
    : Donation of supplies and volunteering
    Local community
    Natural Beauty Creator
    : Support women on career breaks or disadvantaged in finding a job
    Self-reliance program
    for women of multi-cultural families
    Sponsorship for Seoul Eco Film Festival
    Cultural Heritage Keeper Project
    by ‘The History of Whoo’ brand
    Environmental clean-ups and Volunteering

Borrowing Earth Camp

In this program, teenagers look back on themselves to see if they have any bad habits that may cause pollution and waste resources in eight courses and learn good habits. The program consists of these eight courses and two career education courses, which is different from current ones, featuring creative contents to let teenagers find their dreams and talent.

· Good face washing habits
· Beauty Expert
· Good toothbrushing habits
· Good shampooing habits
· Good dishwashing habits

· Good laundry habits
· Good handwashing habits
· Good recycling habits
· Junior Marketer(Branding)
· Junior Marketer(Scent Marketing)

Global Eco Leader

Global Eco-Leader is a program that launched in 2014 with UNEP, the Ministry of Environment, and Ecomom Korea to nurture teenage environmental leaders and provide a wide range of environmental knowledge and experiences. Ecomom Korea. Under the slogan ‘My Little Habit Changes the World,’ this one-year environmental education program trains teenage eco-leaders who can lead a sustainable society.

It helps participants become global leaders in the future by encouraging them to end bad habits and drive meaningful changes at home, schools, and in local communities.

Also, we upgraded the environmental education program for teenagers to keep up with the new national educational curriculum. We carried out the Eco Bridge Project featuring environment, humanities, social studies, science and arts, which helps teenagers focus on a field that suits their interests and aptitudes.

OHUI Beautiful Face Campaign to Offer Plastic Surgery to Children Born with Facial Disfigurements

    This campaign was launched in 2007 in conjunction with Seoul National University Hospital to offer plastic surgery to children born with facial disfigurements.

Shiny Perioe

Shiny Perioe is the first health education musical for children in the industry that combines cultural contents such as a musical with healthy habits essential for children, including dental health and hygiene. We visit kindergartens and provide accurate knowledge about dental health to teachers and parents as well as children with dramatic contents and help them truly feel the need for dental care.

‘Whoo’s Mecenat Initiative to Expand Our Influence on Local Communities

Our ‘Whoo Mecenat’ Initiative has been undertaken since 2006 to re-recognize the value of underappreciated Korean classical music and instruments.

Specifically, we fully sponsor seven Korean classical chamber orchestras to foster and support Korean traditional musicians and to help local communities increase their influence on Korean traditional music. Whoo’s ‘Admiration for Haegeum’ concerts were held in Seoul and Busan to ignite the interest of local residents aged between 30’s and 50’s in Korean classical music and to promote our traditional culture.

Cultural Heritage Keeper Project by The History of Whoo

LG H&H contributes to conserving traditional Korean culture and exploring its value by sponsoring the Cultural Heritage Keeper Project by The History of Whoo. We provided financial support for the maintenance
of Tongmyeongjeon in Changgyeonggung Palace and various events.
By conducting the Royal Culture Campaign designed to share the value of royal women culture, we also supported the culture sharing program,
including the media art exhibition the Court Women Culture Exhibition, the photo exhibition
“Four Seasons of Queen” and the special concert of Haegeum-a traditional musical instrument. Furthermore, under the agreement with the Cultural Heritage Administration for the Cultural Heritage Keeper Project, we have sponsored people or organizations holding intangible cultural heritage with our cosmetic products to appreciate their efforts to inherit traditional culture and cultural heritage.

Natural Beauty Creator

In 2018, LG Household&Healthcare initiated a new social contribution program called ‘Natural Beauty Creator’ in cooperation with an environmental NGO called, Korea Green Foundation. The program was designed to support the dreams of women who are facing difficulties in getting a job and are in need of new opportunities, including those who have just graduated or those with career breaks due to marriage, childbirth or child-rearing. The program cultivates beauty influencers in the field of healthy beauty and eco-friendly lifestyle, with combined concepts of beauty and environment. Recently, video-sharing platforms such as YouTube are considered influential media and the profession of a content creator is becoming highly recognized as a promising job. Therefore, we are cultivating beauty creators, a popular career field among women, to support them in becoming talents-in-demand in the era of the 4th Industrialization.

Sponsorship for
Seoul Eco Film Festival

LG Household&Healthcare is deeply interested in environmental issues and carries out various social contribution activities related to the environment of the Earth that we have to protect.
The brand officially sponsor the Seoul Eco Film Festival, the largest event of its kind in Asia, to draw public attention to the significance of nature and the severity of environmental pollution.

Seoul Eco Film Festival