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Product patent Management

In addition to the improvement of product quality, LG H&H has continuously tried to develop new technologies to reduce production cost and offer reasonable selling prices. We strive to find new functions that customers are not aware of, as well as develop new technologies to find new business opportunities.

By managing the R&D performance in a systematic way based on the patent application at home and abroad, LG H&H protects its new and differentiated technologies and provides reliable values for consumers, offering superior price and functions.

R&D Patent Applications and Utility Models

R&D Patent Applications and Utility Models
Classification Contents 2016 2017 2018
Domestic Application 588 404 184
Registration 110 232 171
Oveseas Application 150 185 156
Registration 49 45 56

Registered patent case

  • [ Registered patent case1 ]

    The first cold storage cosmetics,
    deliver the effectiveness of arctic creatures directly to your skin

    In April last year, LG H&H signed an MOU with the Arctic Research Center under the Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute for developing new materials for cosmetics, and paid attention to Ramalin, an arctic substance, while carrying out research on arctic creatures in earnest. Ramalina is a genus of lichens, which sprouts and lives in sterile environments of 2,500m in altitude and the temperature of -100℃. It has a tenacious hold on life and is known to generate strong antioxidants that can remove oxides because it lives on rocks in coastal areas directly receiving strong UV rays. However, Ramalin, derived from this Ramalina, is easily destroyed by temperature, humidity, light and oxygen when it is made into cosmetics, and thus it has been only a dream substance for cosmetics so far.

    To use such Ramalin in the form of icemetics*, LG H&H has aggressively invested, for the last two years, in establishing low-temperature custom systems required for the entire process ranging from production to distribution, including separate clean room facilities to prevent contamination and cool packing shipping. As a result, it developed the world’s first cool storage cosmetics, FROSTINE, with zero harmful substances and preservatives, which materialize the strong antioxidative arctic substance.

    In addition, FROSTINE excludes any preservatives or substances developed for antiseptic purposes, and even in its manufacturing process, no substance for preservation is added, maintaining zero harmful substances (thoroughly excluding preservatives and preservative equivalents, artificial flavors, coloring, harmful substance to skin, heavy metal, etc.), and the product has been verified to be a cosmetic with zero preservatives by receiving preservative tests, heavy metal tests, skin tests, and so forth.

    Icemetics is a compound word of Ice and Cosmetic,
    which is a new category for cool storage cosmetics. It exerts its best effect at low temperature and does not use any preservative or material harmful to skin. It is a low-temperature, high efficacy cosmetic product that stabilizes ingredients with unprecedented effects under cool storage conditions and technologies and delivers their efficacy to the user’s skin.
  • [ Registered patent case2 ]

    Brand New 100% Water-soluble
    Sheet-type Detergent

    Our ‘Tech OK Soluble Sheet’ offers an easy solution that addresses inconveniences of power detergents (power flow and residues) and liquid detergents (heavy weight and difficulty in measurement). Specifically, these detergent sheets prevent the spill of detergents around the detergent slot and help maintain a tidy laundry room while their smaller size makes it easier for housewives to purchase and use them.

    While detergent sheets are inherently fragile and relatively low-performing, our sustained R&D efforts allowed us to develop sheets that do not come apart easily and are highly water-soluble while delivering outstanding performance.

  • [ Registered patent case3 ]

    Eco-friendly Packaging,
    Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit EX of THEFACESHOP

    Unlike household goods, products with deep-tube-pump containers such as lotion, essence and foundation allow consumers to hold and tilt the container to pump because such products are generally used in small portions. When consumers tilt the container and try to pump out the liquid with a deep-tube-pump head in a non-fixed structure, the end of the deep-tube inside the container tends not to reach the liquid, making it difficult to use the product or degrades the recyclability of the container due to excessive residues. LG H&H developed an eco-friendly pump designed by applying the same-direction structure for the tube mounting part of the pump engine and the button outlet. We patented and commercialized it as a product, and received the Excellence Prize at the Eighth Green Packaging Contest.