CEO Message

CEO Message
Our customers who love
LG H&H Co., Ltd.


Under our ambition as the best life culture company dedicated to realizing our customers’ beauty and dreams,

LG H&H Co., Ltd. has strived to serve our consumers with values that are Healthy, Beautiful and Refreshing, following three business policies in order to ensure fundamental competitiveness.

Suk Cha, CEO and Vice-Chairman, LG H&H Co., Ltd.

Our valued customers,

They say the future is for those who strive for it. We will always strive to do our best with the confidence that, through our efforts, we will make the future our own. We all express our deep gratitude for your unwavering support and attention, along with our best wishes for the future.

  • we aim for clear differentiation.

    We will continue to stand apart from our competitors in every aspect including our products, packaging, way of conducting business, marketing strategies, and business methods, thereby creating a consensus among customers that “LG H&H is exceptional at whatever it does.”

    In order to ensure differentiation, we will make it a part of our daily routine to continue to innovate (Innovation), always anticipate the needs of customers (Speed) and aim for a higher goal (Stretch).

  • we seek to secure a solid competitive advantage.

    Even if differentiation is successful, we believe consumer loyalty to our products will not be cemented unless our products and marketing programs are superior to our competitors’.

    We will focus on improving aspects of dissatisfaction for consumers and endeavor to impress our customers to unprecedented levels, therefore ensuring that every product we market has a solid unique selling proposition (USP).

  • we would like to build a special bond with our customers.

    Marketing is said to be “the science of recognition.” They say a well-perceived brand can be successful no matter what its true nature is.

    We will endeavor to build special relations with our customers by ensuring internal integrity and external positive recognition based on solid differentiation and competitive advantage. We will regard consistent and sustained thoughtful consideration for customers as our action guide and establish a strong brand loyalty.