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Terms of Use Agreement

Article 1 (Purpose)

The primary purpose of this Terms of Use Agreement is to stipulate the terms and conditions required when users provide information through the i-CONNECT website(hereinafter called the “Website”) of LG H&H Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called the “LG H&H”). Users are required to agree to read and agree to the Terms of Use Agreement to protect your rights before proposing your ideas. It is not required, however, that you present all available information with respect to certain technologies and patents and all information proposed shall be regarded non-confidential.

Article 2 (Definition)

1) The “User” refers to the person who provides information after agreeing to the Terms of Use Agreement. 2) The “Information” refers to any type of facts, statements or information on any and all areas of our businesses including but not limited to new technologies, container, design enhancement, introduction of new products and new business model. 3) The “Provision” of information refers to a series of user activities to subscribe to and to get connected to the Website and then to post or transmit information using the method of ‘Innovation Proposal’.

Article 3 (Rights and Obligations)

1) User shall provide Information, which is open to the general public. If User wants to provide Information protected as confidential, he or she shall enter into a non-disclosure agreement in writing with LG H&H. Information provided without the written non-disclosure agreement shall be regarded as available for opening to the general public and LG H&H shall not bear any responsibility of maintaining confidentiality. . 2) Uer shall not infringe on intellectual property rights of a third party, including but not limited to patent rights, trademarks, design rights and copyrights out of willful misconduct or gross negligence in providing the information via the Website. User shall indemnify and hold LG H&H harmless from any third party claims or lawsuits against LG H&H arising from User’s infringement of third party’s intellectual property rights. 3) LG H&H shall retain exclusive rights to evaluate, commercialize and utilize Information proposed (including intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patent rights, trademarks, design rights and copyrights) at its discretion unless it has already been protected by exclusive and proprietary rights such as patent rights. 4) The decision whether to accept or reject the information shall be made solely by LG H&H and Information, which is basically the same as or that utilizes the one internally retained by LG H&H shall not be regarded as accepted. 5) User may be eligible for a certain compensation if Information submitted by the same person is accepted and successfully commercialized or utilized otherwise by LG H&H. 6) LG H&H’ contact or attempt to contact User by the address or telephone information presented by User to provide compensation outlined in paragraph (5) above, and LG H&H shall not be held liable for any consequences that may occur because User provides false information or fails to provide the correct contact information.

Article 4 (Misc.)

1) The action of clicking the ‘Agree’ button by User shall be regarded as User’s agreement to the Terms of Use Agreement. 2) What is not stipulated in the Terms of Use Agreement with respect to the rights, responsibilities, among others, of User and LG H&H shall be settled and resolved in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Website and relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea.

I have read carefully, understood and agreed to the Terms of Use Agreement

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