Jeong-Do Management Introduce


The LG Way includes LG's core beliefs, values, and aspirations. It illustrates a vision that guides the thoughts and actions of LG employees in attaining the ultimate goal of becoming a "No. 1 LG". The LG Way is reached through the practice of Jeong-Do Management and LG's management principles, "Creating value for customers" and "Respecting human dignity".

Jeong-Do Management and LG's management principles, Creating value for customers and Respecting human dignity.


LG’s vision is to become the market leading company with broad market recognition.

Code of Conduct

LG will succeed through the constant development of capability based on ethical management

Management Principles

LG’s management principles state the purpose of LG’s business activities, and also provide a basis for its operations.

Jeong-Do Management

The English translation of “Jeong-Do” is "the right way". Jeong-Do Management is the way we display our uncompromising integrity in pursuing LG's management principles.

The essence of the LG WAY is found in LG's management principles of creating value for customers and respecting human dignity. As they are put into action through Jeong-Do management, LG is able to accomplish its vision and reach our final goal of becoming No. 1 LG.

Management by Principle not only includes open and fair competition but also highlights building the competence necessary for LG people to create substantial value for customers, and to earn their confidence.

Jeong-Do Management figure

Creating Value for Customers

  • Honest with our customers
  • Providing greater value to customers through constant innovation and skill development

Respecting Human dignity

  • Equal opportunities
  • Equal treatment based on ability and results