Jeong-Do Management Program

  • Organizational Structure for Jeong-Do Management

    The Business Audit Team and the Ethics Bureau are responsible for Jeong-Do Management at LG H&H: The Business Audit Team reviews our compliance with corporate policies & guidelines, and the Ethics Bureau provides Jeong-Do Management training and promotional programs and operates the Ethics Hotline.

  • Ethics Hotline

    Ethics Hotline receives reports on any type of business practices that violate the LG Code of Ethics and Jeong-Do Management principles including unfair business operations and bribe-taking through the unjust use of authority.

  • Online Jeong-Do Management Pledge

    All employees make their Jeong-Do Management online pledge every year and all our business partners also make their commitment to Jeong-Do Management through the signing of such pledges upon their transaction registration.

  • Survey of Jeong-Do Management

    A survey to check all employees’ awareness of Jeong-Do Management and find out problems is conducted by LG Economy Research Institute, and the results are reflected on the activities to diffuse the culture of Jeong-Do Management . For the purpose of fair trade and win-win relationships with business partners, major business partners are also surveyed on their current status of Jeong-Do Management and improvement measures every year.

  • Reporting System of Receiving Benefits

    The receiving of gifts, money and valuables from stakeholders is strictly prohibited under any and all circumstances. If our employees receive gifts for inevitable reasons, they must refuse them politely and if it is impossible to return such gifts, they are reported to our Ethics Bureau and then eventually either directly donated or sold through in-house auctioning. (The proceeds are donated).

  • Education of Jeong-Do Management

    To keep Jeong-Do Management culture in place, we continue to educate current employees and new employees of subsidiaries. In addition, by constantly providing opportunities to learn Jeong-Do Management, culture and commitment for employees of business partners in a win-win relationship, we help our business partners to practice Jeong-Do Management.

  • Promotion of Jeong-Do Management

    The letters that describes activities for a win-win growth through fair business relations with business partners and the ethical conflict situations with stakeholders are sent to all employees. These serve as a preventive measure against ethical conflicts between employees and stakeholders. In addition, Jeong-Do Management character that represents a fair and square manner and ethics is produced and actively used in promotion and education.

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