Corporate Governance

We, LG H&H Co., Ltd., have established the foundation for the transparent corporate governance structure since the establishment of the Holding Company structure of the LG Group in 2003. We promote responsibility and accountability by strengthening our corporate management structure with professional directors. We have several committees under the Board to protect the core values of the B.O.D. operation such as professionalism, independence, and transparency. We monitor the operations of the Board by ensuring that the Board strictly complies with the internal regulation on the operation of the B.O.D. to promote continuous growth of the Company.

Shareholder Composition

As of the end of 2023, the total number of issued shares(including preferred shares) was
17,717,894. The largest shareholder was LG Corp., which held a 34% stake.

[Common shares*, as of 2023]

Key Shareholders Foreigners 46%, LG Corp. 34%, Domestic Institutions and Individuals 14%, Treasury Stock  6%

* Common shares(15,618,197)

Composition and the Operation of the Board of Directors

We, LG H&H Co., Ltd., have seven members under the Board of Directors: two inside directors, one other non-executive director, and four independent directors. Our independent directors are experienced professionals from various fields, including business management, law, etc. Our independent directors play active roles in the Board by suggesting opinions on the business management and monitoring major issues in the Company.

BOD Composition and its Operation

* As of March 2024

BOD Composition and its Operation
Category Name Career Date of Initial Appointment Term Gender Position
Non-executive Director Beom Jong Ha (Current) President and CFO, LG Corp. 2019.3.15 3 years Male Chairperson of BOD
Inside Director Jung Ae Lee (Current) CEO, LG H&H Co., Ltd. 2023.3.28 3 years Female -
Seok Lee
(Current) CFO, CRO, LG H&H Co., Ltd. 2024.3.26 3 years Male -
Outside Director Tae Hee Lee (Current) Head of Business Affairs, Kookmin University 2019.3.15 3 years Male -
Sang Hoon Kim (Current) Dean of School of Business and College of Business, Seoul National University 2019.3.15 3 years Male -
Woo Yeong Rhee (Current) Professor, School of Law, Seoul National University 2022.3.28 3 years Female -
Jae Hwan Kim (Current) Professor, College of Business, Korea University 2023.3.28 3 years Male -